1. If I asked for 100% remote and they changed on me, I'd hang up

  2. They do it like this so you find them when all you actually want is WFH.

  3. Coil things and add zip ties. It’s an easy job.

  4. They have this at a local bagel place if you use a card but not if you pay cash. I pay cash.

  5. If you have iCloud backups you can either restore your phone (and lose a little bit of new data on the phone) or do something harder to extract data from the backup.

  6. I used to work nights at a casino in London. A few times I was stopped while walking at 6am and asked to wait for a film crew to finish.

  7. As far as I know only the owner account can view the card content. As such my wife and I share 1 login.

  8. Stat seems bogus due to places like Coinbase. They don’t have an address per user to measure/publicize ownership.

  9. New to this but I think our system has the cell connection as a backup, and they configured it for WiFi during the install.

  10. This sub has 10,000 reasons to not buy in to an HOA.

  11. Idk maybe. I’m not. I come for the entertainment and misery. ¯\(ツ)/¯

  12. Precisely, this is harassment and identity theft … involve a lawyer and the cops.

  13. Right. Lock your credit, get some cams around the house.

  14. A couple decades ago I worked at a pizza place and there was an Italian pizza guy who would say “make it nice, but don’t make it too nice. “ (the unsaid part was: otherwise they always expect it too nice).

  15. Homer-Simpson-monkey-brain-smashing-cymbals.gif

  16. We can model the grid as a battery. In your case with straight 1:1 net metering you get 100% "storage efficiency" from the grid and say... 85% storage efficiency from your batteries? So, you actually lose power/money using your batteries.

  17. Thanks I didn’t think about the batteries being less efficient but it makes sense.

  18. If you have 1:1 net metering, no TOU, and no NBCs, doesn't seem to make a whole lot of sense.

  19. Open the camera and unplug the mic wire. Get a second camera for yourself with audio enabled.

  20. Big truck coming through. Go fuck yourself!

  21. It’s great except when it smells like piss, that part really disappointed me (in Rome near the pantheon.)

  22. Liter box walker on your counter where you cook. Omg yuk!

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