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  1. I made a data base of Tiktokers i follow. They are filtered by their content. It helps when i need a specific topic.

  2. Would you be so kind to share the database, Im looking for good tiktokers to follow 🌝❤️

  3. Your database is sick! Thanks for the share. Much appreciated ♥️

  4. Reading this Reddit thread ❤️❤️❤️

  5. You'd have to see what the terms of your NDA says. It's really hard to give advice without more details here.

  6. Sharing the clause here: You agree that the restrictions set out in this Clause 19 are without prejudice to any other duties of confidentiality owed to the Company whether expressed or implied and are to survive the termination of your employment with the Company.

  7. Better off without $10k. Never selling my soul 🥺

  8. Thanks for sharing this. I’m literally having withdrawals from this void month. Please tell me I’m not the only one 😅

  9. Done ✅ pls upvote back thanks!

  10. So many things! Notion is such a great product.

  11. Just as a note, in case you use Notion as a CRM. You can use zapier or bearbeen to automatically crawl LinkedIn profiles you have connected with into the notion CRM you've created. Saved me a ton of time and super functional. :)

  12. Amazing thanks for the tip!

  13. #1 too. Maybe can add Toggle Headings so certain sections are collapsible

  14. Would it be possible to save the email but without having Notion properties filled in?

  15. Forgot to share screenshots. I love Board view ^^

  16. I recommend setting up the following - centralized Projects database and have this relate to a 2nd database for Tasks. Share both databases with your team. You can have a 3rd database which is kept personal/private, but also relate it to the 2 other databases

  17. Yeah I am working on this now... Feel like it's going to take me a few weeks before I really get it sorted though. Notion is much bigger than I thought!

  18. Yeah it took me a couple of weekends to just configure, tinker around then iterate. Even up till now I'm thinking what needs optimizing... Haha

  19. Hello! I can help. Set the 'Day' column to formula and try this:

  20. Hi. Thanks for the reply. I wanted Day to be a 'select' property because I wanted to make a Kanban Board based on the "Day" property. Is there any way that is possible?

  21. Oh! Unfortunately you can't in this case (at least not that I know of). Notion's kanban groupings are limited to only certain properties like People and Tags. Formulas and dates aren't them. I wish they enabled it though!

  22. When you say first routine, have you tried these products before?

  23. BHA should be about 1-2x a week max, spaced out

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