1. Name of the VN? How long will it take to finish? Is romance included?

  2. Our visual novels name is Underground22, the demo is set to be released in February to March of 2023, and it is a psychological horror visual novel/escape room game. As of right now we don't see any possibilities of romance in game.

  3. The demo will take about an hour to an hour and a half to finish, the finished game is planned to take around 25-30 hours. If our kickstarter goal gets enough funding when we do choose to launch it we will be adding different routes which will hopefully extend the playtime further :)

  4. Thanks! What game launchers can I find it under? Provided the demo is available right now, of course!

  5. It unfortunately won't be released until around feb-march of next year by the looks of things. But when it is, it will be on steam :)

  6. Honest truth, but I don't like the artwork. Or more specifically, whoever did the coloring on characters has still much to learn about light sources and gradients. And that hair ribbon is so pointy and looks out of place.

  7. Thank you for your comment, while we understand your point of view, we'd like to point out that the lighting is coming from a different light source on purpose.

  8. Me and another commenter decided it would be best to delete our comments :)

  9. I don't like the first letter of the character's name being a different color and font. You should consider creating a stylized custom font to use for character names so the full name can be a consistent font and color.

  10. Thank you for your in-depth analysis, we shall be definitely reworking more and more of it all!

  11. Thank you! Our UI is already in a reworking stage to align ourselves with yours and other feedback!

  12. I feel like the background is too bright for a psychological horror and the ui is all over the screen maybe put it in one corner

  13. Thank you for your criticism, our UI is already being reworked in line with the masses of people giving great advice.

  14. Thank you! We hope that the train stops aren't terribly distracting ;)

  15. Text box and image are nice. I agree with the other person about using the same font for the whole name (unless there is some reason the first letter matters).

  16. Many thanks for your advice, we are currently updating the UI to be a little more visually friendly.

  17. I'm excited about it, when do you think you will finish it? I was thinking of making one too, but have barely started. I liked the style because it's different from danganronpa and yttd. As for the characters, why aren't there any under 15? Also, there are only two under 18. You made a large cast, so it was necessary to use some borrowed occupations and repeat the student occupation, although you have some very creative characters.

  18. We'd rather not subject extremely young children to violence, seeing as this visual novel will have gore and traumatic events, glad youre looking forward to it!

  19. That is a pretty large cast of characters, how many VNs have you made before? Seems like you have your work cut out for you, unless you actually just have a sprite for everyone that appears no matter how minor a part they play. Either way the art style is pretty fitting

  20. Bit of a lack of representation of different cultures/ethnicities...

  21. I like how diverse and dynamic your cast looks. But some of the faces seem uncanny to me.

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