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Daily Discussion - September 22, 2021 (GMT+0)

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  1. I'm not in a relationship or have kids but here's some advice I could give:

  2. Thankyou so much for the time you have taken to respond with such a well thought out answer. You have offered some amazing advice and you have no idea how much I appreciate it. I wish you all the best in your journey too. Thankyou again.

  3. Is it just me or is that bear kinda cute... I mean this is gross someone left that there! Somone should remove it before the children see, tell me where that is and ill make sure that bear is never seen again.

  4. There is not enough disinfectant in the world...

  5. If be so proud to walk my daughter down the confectionary aisle.

  6. I shook my head when the parents turn the baby in to a freak show. Then came the fucking brits. WTF.

  7. From being thrown in a fire at birth to being used by your own parents in a freakshow- all before being sold to science. This poor boy experienced the worst of humanity in his 4 short years. This is heartbreaking.

  8. If its anything like Australia then people will get riled up for a week before slotting right back into submission.

  9. No. You must pay with smallpox blankets.

  10. If you guys are worried about the marine life you will be devastated to hear about what happened to the native people of the Marshall Islands. Human Guinea Pigs on the effects of nuclear radiation.

  11. Ss. No list of articles like you would expect. Just a direct link to a study on auto erotic asphyxiation. All I want to look at is the studies related to the impact of cloth masks on upper respiratory disease but I am being c*ckblocked by an article on masturbation.

  12. Gemma is still mostly bottle-fed, and Newtown is not her forever home - she will be treechanging when she's a bit bigger.

  13. Thankyou. That is great to know. I was getting a little sad- but this makes me feel better :)

  14. Whenever you get a little sad just watch her having a bath:

  15. I grew up around very wealthy families. Most of the kids I went to school with are now in crippling debt because they want to maintain the lifestyle they grew up in but can't afford to now that they aren't being bankrolled by their parents. What would be seen as an amazing first house for the average young person would be seen as depressing for these people. They have lost the ability to appreciate the small things which is really sad.

  16. And just like that, the mental health of most of the world improved slightly!

  17. Im stressing that I've potentially lost hundreds if not thousands of photos that are only saved on fb. My mental health is not great.

  18. I mean that sucks for you, but hopefully you and millions of others will realise how stupid it is to leave something so important stored online.

  19. Yep. It's one of those things I kept saying I should do and never got around to it.

  20. She is standing in a construction site.

  21. Threw my favourite spatula at the sink of my tiny kitchen but it bounced off- and I have never been able to find it since. That was over a year ago- I looked everywhere and there was really nowhere for it to fall except on the floor in front of the sink.

  22. GIve us a picture of the place !

  23. Im just going to bed. 1215am here but if I remember I will in the morning.

  24. Do kids under 12, and existing residents count in the “5 visitors in your home”

  25. No. Existing residents are not visitors. Unsure about kids.

  26. Just out of curiosity while a lot of people are here, for those who have been investing in crypto for a while (>6 months maybe), have you made money? Lost it?

  27. I bought in mid 2020 and I think I am up about 300-400%

  28. That’s awesome congrats, hopefully I can see similar levels myself

  29. Cheers. I wish you all the best. :)

  30. No. The selfish people are people not getting vaccinated. Vaccines have been successfully rolling out all over the world and are proving to be effective.

  31. That's fine. Sounds like I would stay away from you regardless. Have you looked at the statistics in Gibraltar and Israel?

  32. Easy to say that now, but when I’m drinking a cold one in a pub, or eating out, you’ll want to be at my table and people like me, won’t want to share with the unvaccinated like you.

  33. Yeah... I don't think I will. You sound pretty obnoxious. And I'm not too fussed about that anyway. I have an awesome balcony overlooking the bush and my father in law brews better beers than any pub I've ever been in.

  34. I really cannot understand why people cannot understand that not all relationships are the same. Even though it isn't that way in my relationship- I would never judge a couple for having mutually agreed upon boundaries.

  35. Did she really think that would fly? I am pro-choice and even I know that is super inappropriate and offensive.

  36. I think it is someone who's well-meaning partner or parent is a bad cook and before arriving home they dump out the contents to avoid confrontation. This is probably on their route home.

  37. Its funny how in this day and age you get downvoted for asking reasonable questions.

  38. Mobile design is intended to cater to the lowest common denominator, with simplicity/accessibility being prioritized. You can see the same pattern on social media and news sites (new vs. "old" Reddit style, news sites limiting scrolling to vertical with related articles kept at the bottom, youtube showing limited related videos, etc.). This might seem intentionally insidious, but is mostly due to aiming for an efficient and user-friendly interface. The vast majority of google users find their search within the first half-dozen results, so it makes sense for google to prioritize this group

  39. Thankyou. That is very useful information.

  40. 5km got abolished and changed to stay within LGA, which is at least 10km for most.

  41. Yep. I live in Blue Mountains LGA and are allowed to go anywhere within. It takes an hour to drive from one side to the other with no traffic.

  42. Quick reminder that 30% unvaccinated is 1.5 million people. That’s still a LOT of potential cases.

  43. Also the potential cases in the vaccinated folk on top of that

  44. Your crypto wallet miraculously hits $1 million, what will be your conversation with your boss ?

  45. I am my boss- so I guess my boss will buy me something nice.

  46. Exactly. This. So many people are self-righteously attacking others for retaining autonomy over their own bodies. It's a very tough situation, and those people who are unconvinced by all of the silenced doctors, ridiculously inflated or altered statistics, or a general lack of short-long term effects should not be fired or villainized for rejecting the jab. It's not just vaccinated or antivax, there are so many intelligent, educated and prudent people across the spectrum who have legitimate reasons to be concerned. The us good them bad rhetoric needs to be put down. Good for you for recognizing and sticking up for everyone.

  47. Thankyou. People are just pissed off and want someone to blame.

  48. Sir, the chef has come down with Typhus.

  49. But she doesn't even have covid so it is not the same. Did you mean "the chef is not vaccinated against Typhus?"

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