You guys were right. Lost all $138,000 selling calls on Tesla

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  1. Good luck brother, got a ford focus 2017, transmission control module blowing up on me. No money to trade in, no one to help. I’m about to sit in the middle of the road and pray. Good luck to you

  2. Jesus. What’s wrong with the ford transmissions? They replaced mine after a year. It’s blowing again! I have 30k miles on that thing total!!!

  3. Hey I hear ya I’m fucked. I got nothing if this car dies. Totally fucked

  4. Yep. It’s a scam. There are no escorts. There are no men coming after you. Just the scammers wanting money. Block and ignore

  5. More like a pimp scam I was supposedly messing with some girls. Also I shoulda been dead 15 mins ago

  6. This is hilarious I just got this scam in a text today. They send ya pics of dudes with guns and some Dead person? Lol

  7. Jedi Believe in self defense and preservation, they don’t start it but they will protect themselves and try to end it

  8. 133 and the TCM just started acting up last week. Opened up a go fund me, cause if I lose this car I’m Fooked

  9. Nah, I prefer to not spend an entire paycheck on a meal lol

  10. For sure, love me some crab legs. Never had king crab tho, only snow crab.

  11. What time are you going I drive Uber. Live in that area can pick ya up and take ya down there depending on the time

  12. We are heading out about an hour before game. My son really wants to take the train.

  13. My 2017’s transmission control is giving me problems, good work on hours man

  14. No matter how much you think otherwise, there is someone very close who cares about you. You are loved.

  15. Wow hey, thanks for the response. Let me tell ya something since none else cares And you took time out of your day to respond. Thanks for that.

  16. Don't be ashamed of seeking help, being a burden is alright sometimes because humans are not built around being totally independent. And if you are planning to do something as difficult as leaving everything you have then please know that you have nothing to lose by leaving the life that is so hard on you and keep searching for something better. I hope you change your mind and i wish you a better life.

  17. I admire you guys, of course if I had that kinda money I would keep it in saving and forgot I had it. U guys got way more balls then me and my 200 dollar life savings

  18. Just cause I have no hope and had a last ditch effort of posting a gofundme if I could hopefully get some Help, these parasites fucking suck off you when you are at your most desperate. Just a warning, good luck to y’all I’m Heading north tomorrow till the car dies 🫡

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