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  1. Robbie Ferguson is the Co-Founder and president at Immutable for those that were wondering

  2. That's how it goes, the apes over in the $GME and $AMC comment sections are filled with people blaming manipulation for everything.

  3. Once you learn a bit more about options and learning about swaps you will see how it’s not retail enthusiasm and buys that drives stock price.

  4. Finally a building with lights on. It’s been a while

  5. They have been kicking the can on ftds for months. Next week is going to be spicy

  6. I wonder if he ever gets tired of being completely wrong all the time

  7. Also this is the baby side of the biz. I highly doubt RC plans of getting into baby products

  8. No it’s people making shit wages and can’t afford the increased prices. Kind of hard to buy luxuries when grocery prices have doubled

  9. There is sooo much privilege in this vid

  10. They probably know that once that dividend gets paid 45% of the float will already be DRS’d!

  11. There’s a huge push to try to change the narrative to being Ken griffon is just another fall guy. What the hell is happening today with this fud

  12. I have noticed that today there are a lot of downvotes happening on hype posts and then this trying to say Ken Griffon is a fall guy? Yeah ok these posts are sus as hell

  13. They literally repeat the first post, nothingburger.

  14. He’s fox biz yes but he’s been the most honest reporter out of most msm

  15. I agree, i saw a mainstream article flow to my google new that said Gamestop has too much debt? That is totally wrong. I made sure to block that news source forever.

  16. Too much debt? They literally have a billion in cash sitting there.

  17. Exactly, it was a total lie being fed. They are scared.

  18. Terrified. I would be too if I was short GME cuz the rocket is fuelled and the countdown is on.

  19. I will always upvote GME Star Trek memes!

  20. I really hope you weren’t searching for “Ken Griffen porn”

  21. Currently watching Die Hard as I read this

  22. I have also learned that MOASS is tomorrow!

  23. 🎉🎉🎉 We passed 15 MILLION!!!!! 🎈🎈🎈

  24. That’s the million dollar question. But probably july

  25. It's sick how they throw PS5's up without any warning so they know only true customers are getting the product instead of scalpers. I picked one up last year by being lucky enough to get one of their online drops. supplies run quick. Good luck all!

  26. I picked one up from GS around Christmas and had people asking me to buy it as I was walking back to the car. Told them GameStop has them in stock and to go there.

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