1. Because her and Bobby are our mother and father????

  2. Didn’t see David arguing to steal money from the handicapped to pay off his drug debt. Or blame his father for getting cancer and dying. But both nail the arrogant, self-centered, blame everyone else for their shitty problems mentality.

  3. Chloe is not perfect but she is not a horrible person either, there a lot of moments were she shows empathy and remorse (She apologizing to Max for Kate's call in EP2, she clearly feels guilty if she has to kill Frank in EP4, the conversation they have before Max nightmare, etc.)

  4. Arthur and Stanley were really nice. I hope I could be like them when I got old.

  5. I mentioned Sejanus' case not because of his ability to travel, but legit move to the Capitol. The trilogy reads very different in that regard and, sure, can be an exception and can be a question of that having been the time, but it's still a breaking of consistency for a single character who didn't really need it.

  6. As soon as he dismissed Maddie in the earthquake episode I think? Somewhere in S2. I immediately disliked him. He’s not compassionate and he’s entitled.

  7. I like Josh when he is not written off character for narrative purposes what is basically the two cases you mentioned.

  8. We all know neither of these relationships are lasting so this is all about buck's growth. Marisol is toast though because the actress is transphobic comments. ABC has fired main actors for those same kind of bigoted remarks.

  9. they've told the audience since the graveyard conversation these relationships will not last. Natalia still doesn't see Buck at all even post finale.

  10. Like I said you are making assumptions, for all we know we should supposed to take Buck and Natalia relationship at face value, and "She really sees me" is just bad writing.

  11. I agree with many comments here. Though to me, Eddie really comes across perfectly as demisexual.

  12. This season has a lot of amazing episodes, Future Tense, Jinx, First Responders and Treasure Hunt.

  13. I'm genuinely shocked that she was intended to be a legitimate love interest from the beginning rather than someone who he would reject, for all of the reasons that you stated. Such a nebulous character, and less than zero chemistry. It made all the interviews touting her and their supposedly great connection seem even more disconnected from reality.

  14. you literally said you're still gonna watch out of spite just to see how bad the show gets, insinuating it's bad because buddie is not canon? i find that toxic for yourself and others that still enjoy the show. why hate watch something?

  15. The show it's bad because the writing hasn't been great lately, not because of No Buddie.

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