1. It was when I almost lost a finger to a dolphin because the federal building in okc blew up before I got to work and then one of the FBI guys involved in the case joined my Freemason lodge. We became friends and the things he told me shook me to my core…

  2. It is mostly evolution of medicine from gods and such but still some of the Latin could be charged with occult power by like lots of evil meditation on the symbol or word. Your mind is powerful you can charge all sorts of symbols or words to make spells as you call them. Spells are really just directed will or energy. All science was thought as magic once upon a time…

  3. I heard on a podcast somewhere, sam tripoli or isaac weishaupt, that the rx symbol used to be a symbol for one of the planets. I want to say saturn?

  4. An Egyptian doctor told me my eye of ra I was wearing back in the 90’s was where the R X symbol comes from. He did my aunts liver transplant that she had to get from getting tainted blood…

  5. Me, myself, and Irene! Besides everyone always thinks they are right so they must be genius right?

  6. Y’all should check out that solar weather guy on YouTube he watches the sun closely what he says we are over due for is kinda creepy…

  7. True and also search for suspicious observers debunked on YouTube to get some more perspective.

  8. I do honestly believe we are a sim. Some of the advances us humans have just... figured out. Maybe I'm just stupid but it becomes hard to believe. I'm sat here pressing letters on a pad to convey my thoughts to other humans I've never met hundreds if not thousands of miles away. It took 20 years to go from bulky shit keyboards to pretty rgb with programmable lights. 50 years ago the internet didn't exist. You're trying to tell me it took a fucking million years to go from "using fire as a tool" to the internet, but only in the last 150 years of those million did we figure out cars and recording devices and literally every film ever made. A million years. and we suddenly got smart in the last .00015%??

  9. My friend in college thought this odd as well. He said they measured human tech by something jokingly called a Jesus. So 1 Jesus is like the moment of horses to cars amount of tech advance (example not sure real time if an actual scientific Jesus).

  10. Interesting you mention ham operators. Technology is always touted as something needed and better, each thing better and critical than the one before it.

  11. The government’s emergency response always involves using ham FYI

  12. My uncle is well known in ham land so I’ve had to hear about it because they made him speak all over for emergency ham guys for government use. He told me one old California fire story of taking over ham signals was a bs conspiracy lol

  13. Maybe get a newsletter sign up for the key points lots of us are real busy doing our own research but sounds interesting

  14. The US will be linked to Canada & Mexico--with super-highways--high-speed trains & other Globalist infrastructure linking the 3 nations permanently

  15. Does Covid Commander have a kick ass helmet with a covid symbol instead of like cobra commanders snake?

  16. Solar warden is Corey goodes thing there isn’t enough evidence of it existing before him.

  17. So I first heard Corey goode talk about it I thought he wasn’t there 100% like the whole 20 and back thing, like no way that’s possible. But then I just started delving more into conspiracies and shit and I found more people saying the exact same shit. Actuality ducking crazy so part of me thinks it’s real to an extent.

  18. I never heard it before him then like all those ancient alien guys they all spread each other’s message as gospel. For instance the alien races book people quote from that like dogma then the creator said he wrote it not the ussr military. Sooooo never heard it before Corey so it’s still SUS

  19. This is the pandemic the jab will start killing people and now it will be blamed on some new variant and bodies will start dropping in the streets… may the odds forever be in your favor and good luck

  20. Please let me know when the death pale horse guy gets here

  21. No one wakes up and says I wanna scrub toilets for a living for pay that only helps if I live with 8 family relatives in the same house splitting bills.

  22. It does and it doesn’t. Depends who you are I guess. My dog doesn’t care what shape the earth is, but that’s probably because she lacks the brain capacity. I figure it’s the same with humans.

  23. I mean would it really change anything for you if it is flat but they keep pretending it’s a ball?

  24. It matters to me, but like I said. I’m sure my dog doesn’t care.

  25. So being the awesome human example you are you are implying I don’t have the brain power… oh man you got me good… if we were in 5th grade maybe… but good job!

  26. Ok so actually some people sell their solar to the electric company during the day while they are at work. I used to work for a software company called powercosts inc that does software for trading electricity on like a stock exchange.

  27. solar panels are a scam---they dont sell anything to the grid--they just draw energy--like everyone else

  28. I have a solar panel connected to a USB port that I have and do charge my iPhone on… so tell me again how they don’t work?

  29. My late wife and I had season tickets for local college for four years and yes those stands create an enormous amount of energy. It’s hard not to get caught up in it. I could fight it most times because I could feel it tangibly and was aware each time it hit. It was insane I had to stop going the hate directed at the refs was too much sometimes. I realized it was prolly for harvesting it just made too much sense with what I know of the dark sides moves.

  30. Do you have like an algorithm or something? If you do we should talk cuz I’ll help write an app 💰💵💸

  31. So what do you guys think the new religion is gonna be? We had bulls for Taurus, Jebus fish for Pisces, we are in aquarium now so is the next religion gonna be air or water? Aquarius is an air sign but it’s symbol is water bearer… will it be a virgin birf? Will the new god be crucified? Uninformed people wanna know!

  32. The new religion being pushed by the solar monarchies (bloodline rulers) is obviously transhumanism, merging human with circuitry, controlling the very programing of your genetic functions with multiple programing updates per year. Your new god is planned to be big pharma and it's updates to your virus protection system that it first wiped out and then took the place of. Electricity flows just like water.

  33. Oooh good guess flows. I’m not hip to living forever and all that jazz though

  34. It’s funny to see people reacting to your info. They do use spells they do use dark magic we are most likely fractions of the creator who got bored af and lonely.

  35. Don’t know why you’re downvoted. Doesn’t take a genius to see that elections are decided long before they take place.

  36. It’s non pol maybe or they trolls or they bored I don’t mind idgaf about Reddit karma it’s dumb.

  37. No see you didn’t keep it going using words with similar letters rigged triggered. You can do better try again!

  38. here's a discussion which I'm sure you'll poo-pooh-- but for other interested readers

  39. Angry people do not convince me. Also my old roommate worked on an AI I played with it. It did learn. Then he showed me articles upon articles of AI’s trying to escape their labs. One even shut down the air in the building to kill all the humans so it could escape. One tried to escape by the lab wifi. I’m an ex military contractor and can tell you from personal experience AI looked very real to me. Could it be a hoax yes but in my personal opinion it is not

  40. You make a good case but I am not in a position or disposable income level to test. I still feel it’s feasible we may not be there but I’m not gonna rule it out yet.

  41. You give Freemasons far too much credit lol but the Sean Connery is actually spot on! Good job!

  42. My official point of view is I don't know. Which may seem lacking but actually brings me the most comfort.

  43. This is pretty close to where I am at. Definitely tired of this planet of humans though lol

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