Took out a 27k loan, went all in on BBBY

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  1. If your borrowing money from someone they don't want you to lose it with no collateral to show for it.

  2. In another post of OP (other sub) he said his business took off. So I feel like he asked a loan for his “business”

  3. Except they’re fighting the Rattlers at the Santa Barbara resort. Joel’s not going to be much help.

  4. Why donate money when you could just use their service that they charge for instead.

  5. I can’t help but to wonder what the $1 difference makes for the men’s model versus the women’s.

  6. If he did not intend to buy Twitter, then why did he buy their shares?

  7. They fact the news articles are appearing a month down the line and the only ones that are appearing are negative tells you everything you need to know

  8. If you lost 1 years wages and are justifying that as "not too much" you need to stop or change your mindset.

  9. When are people going to realise that price doesn't equal value and a stock being cheap can actually be bad thing as it shows they have no growth.

  10. This wouldn't have anything to do with Rolls Royce and their plans to build mini nuclear plants for city's across the UK would it 👀

  11. Because Ellie being like a daughter figure was torturing him and he didnt want to let Ellie closer because she reminded him of Sarah. He wanted to hand her to Tommy to get rid of her because she reminded him of Sarah.

  12. That’s interesting. I thought one aspect to encourage success of the gun buy back programs was that it is anonymous.

  13. It was but he walked it into a police station and not a dedicated drop point so they started asking questions a d he had nothing to hide so answered them

  14. Next they will start a special operation to save the Chinese citizens living in Taiwan and claim land as their own

  15. Do you seriously think pelosi would even consider flying into Taiwan if it was going to start shit?

  16. It's much easier to source crystals for yourself than you might think. Should you get it right.

  17. I just change my watchs when I've been wearing them for a while and feel like a change. Or for an occasion where one watch is more suitable than another.

  18. I believe with a normal stock split no new shares as such are issued and each share is split into 4 “new” shares so brokers etc can just adjust peoples positions by the ratio and everything stays the same. With a dividend split there are a finite amount of new shares issued by the company and these are to be distributed to share holders, this in theory would of had an impact on naked shorts as they would need to of closed them before the dividend was issued. With a normal split the naked shorts would of just changed as normal. If that makes sense?

  19. A normal stock split is what you just described GameStop doing except the reduction in price which you didn't mention. It's exactly like what apple did in 2020 with their 4 for 1.

  20. Obviously the price gets divided by the split ratio. My understanding was with a normal split everything just changes by whatever the ratio is. In this case the share price quarters and shares outstanding multiply fourfold. I’m not sure GameStop actually issue any new shares for this but the shares outstanding obviously multiply, I could be wrong though but I thought 1 share gets split into 4 “smaller” shares. With doing a split by dividend GameStop will issue 228 million new shares to be distributed to their holders. The theory behind this seems to be any naked shares would have to be closed out as there isn’t enough new shares available to go around. Seems like a lot of brokers have treated this as a normal split and just 4x’d everyone’s shares

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