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  1. Melee combat doesn’t work. It’s been busted for years. In theory it’s supposed to be the more bright the icon the better your chances. Characters also affect this, with higher tier combat characters not needing to wait as long. And the better the combat tier the more lethal the weapon would be even if it’s generally not super effective.

  2. Adhoc is local multiplayer. You would need another Vita in the same room.

  3. I know, I have one, I just can't find the option to play ad-hoc anywhere in the game.

  4. I think the Vita store was supposed to shut down altogether last year. Maybe it was for that and they never updated it

  5. That's what the first 1.5 million are for. Soylent Rus.

  6. This same thing happened when Ahsoka was introduced to clone wars. People said it retconned Anakins character.

  7. John Tyler is rarely mentioned, but he gets my vote. I'm reading his biography right now.

  8. He sided with the Confederacy during the American Civil War. He served in the Confederate Congress early in the war but died in 1862.

  9. Maybe. I don’t know. It’s the dvd copy that has the original version too. I also have A new hope with the original copy and return of the Jedi with an original copy

  10. What was he doing out in the field? I don’t know much about war but shouldn’t the commander be back at a base or something? Or are Mercenaries different and go out there themselves?

  11. "Commander" is a broad term, sometimes it's a rank, but it is also generically "the guy in charge of the unit". ("Tank commander"- the boss of a tank, just 3 to 5 ppl)

  12. You guys remember how George Lucas told Carrie Fisher that there's no underwear in space and then later suggested that 14 year old Ahsoka wear a miniskirt and tube top?

  13. There was also a comic I think that came out before he Zygeria arc with a, questionable outfit she had.

  14. So the blue guys Michale Beckett, the red guy is Harald Keagan and the ghost is Alma Wade right?

  15. I heard a pretty good theory that one factor is that we had a big school shooting that was televised and sensationalized for a real long time (Columbine) and that sort of had a slight normalization effect. So some one who was thinking of doing something similar now sees it as just sightly more of an on the table option leading to the next one which lead to the time being a little shorter till the next one and so on and so on

  16. That’s one hundred percent the reason. Put yourself in a shooters shoes. They’re quiet. Lonely, isolated from their peers. Very few if any friends. Possibly struggling with classes. Home life’s not that much better. Parents either aren’t really interested in them or are abusive. In addition they may be being bullied at school. Naturally they hear about these school shooters on the news and they’re face gets plastered everywhere. Usually there’s warning signs they give out before it happens. They might reach out to a trusted teacher or even possibly a classmate but they don’t say enough for them to understand so they ignore it. And then they get their 15 minutes of fame. And the cycle repeats.

  17. There have always been disgruntled young men who want to cause misery and pain for others because they feel it themselves. The 24hr news media made these acts out to be the worst possible action anyone can take to deal with thier anger towards their preceptive wrong doers. So these mentally ill individuals commit school shootings.

  18. No and that’s the problem. But ultimately no one cares about trying to fix it and it keeps happening

  19. Yep can be played offline along with a time trial mode, survival mode and even the multiplayer via adhoc.

  20. I have Minecraft, One piece pw3, Killzone and can install more. I could install Cod Declassified (I think it's called)

  21. Fingernails piss me off, like I cut you last week why do you do this to yourself?

  22. I enjoy using Wikipedia, even if the article itself is sparse and not very detailed, it always seems to have good sources and references. It shouldn’t be used as a source independently, especially on niche subjects

  23. I mostly use Wikipedia for two things: information on books/movies/video games, and to look at the wiki-boxes of battles and wars I’m studying.

  24. How about Paxton Fettle from Fear 3? He’s got some pretty brutal stuff he does in that game as a ghost like being, could make for some interesting movesets.

  25. I don’t know why but that hurts to see. I hope it was already a broken DS.

  26. Then why he didn't go blind??? In that way.. revenge story could've been a banger. A blind wizard killing the most powerful dark wizard.

  27. Yeah, but like muggles have LASIK for fixing vision, surely wizards would have something

  28. LASIK is not super efficient. Sometimes it works but other times it makes it worse. My uncle got it and it fixed his eyesight but he says his eyes feel like there’s sand in them.

  29. It says are you serious after you’ve shot the baby twice already. It’s always done that

  30. Wait what? I thought my school only did it because we are a country town. I had no idea that other schools did square dancing in 4th grade!

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