2. Long have gone the days of summon one, set 2 backrows and pass.

  3. This is absolutely true, I just speak as someone who lived that era of Yu-Gi-Oh! Yata was literally a game changing card.

  4. Competitively speaking; even if Yata goes to 3, it won't make any difference.

  5. This is what I did! You can get a free hud from Vista, then load in your animations. Takes some time to get it right, but well worth it to save money and have a custom AO... and cheap! I have a bunch of fun animations because I hate boring avatars heh.

  6. For the standing animations, I'm using static with breathing animations. You only need 1 or 2 in your AO, they look better and shows up your posture better than those old standing animations that moves too much. You can get them pretty consistently for cheap during weekend sales from Lyrium store. Sometimes they don't remove them and they stay on sale even past the weekend

  7. "By the Umars! All this incredible land is yours?"

  8. Sauce for the Pool Party Seraphine skin? I can't find anything while googling it except some fanmade ones

  9. What a early days comedians had to go through

  10. Have you used some kind of technique to achieve this or totally random ? I've been using that online calculator and it gave me some good results, but nothing as sparkly as this

  11. Looks a different version of darts throwing

  12. That's what I expected, no way only 2.8% have Archeology at 10 when it's the most gold gainer trade skill

  13. It also takes the most time investment and is not that much more of a gold earner until later on. I am not surprised at all that archeology is low.

  14. Even Lvl 10 Mining and Foraging have a low % of players achieving them

  15. RAIDEN1017: Next I will translate "Kiki milk tea" which will be aired tomorrow. Of course, I will post it next Saturday. Enjoy!

  16. Dark Harvest is better than Comet based on my experience, because the plants helps proc it more easily

  17. Flying "c"ockroach, they do fly sometimes, it depends on the type of roach

  18. Wait a moment mazx c is reality that normal bug monster?

  19. That's why they need a system that speeds up the timer if a player does nothing

  20. It's a bad designed card who circumvent the fusion cards it uses, turning them into broken ones.

  21. It's only abused due to Fusion Destiny engine, but the real problem is Destiny Hero Phoenix and not Anaconda verte or the fusion spell card

  22. It's too strong in decks that don't use extra deck, I suspect it'll go to 1 at some point in the future

  23. Hiya, yes I made the Jojo edit on the Called by the Grave image. Sure you can go for it and use it in your video

  24. Brave engine = +120$ a copies, staples all +60$ a pop. Most good cards are +100$ a copies that's not counting extra and side deck

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