1. I never heard of Nick Bailey before this episode. His footage is nothing special, the decoy interaction is kinda funny. (Dell's toes sure do take a beating)

  2. 😂 lol Del sounds like an actual girl during Nick Bailey’s segment for some reason

  3. Naw I don’t think I’d be able to look in the mirror anymore 🤣.

  4. Love how this cop cuts off Ken multiple times in the interview by saying “JUNGLEMANIA” and reads the chat log.

  5. Dude David Tiriolo is a WAAAAAAAAYYYYYY better predator than Popovich 🤣

  6. The attire reminds me of Maurice Wollin. The only things missing are a pair of sunglasses and flip phone on his waist.

  7. I mean he did make Chris Hansen break character

  8. Ironically (considering this group) the ONLY one I couldn’t guess was “Mr. Penis” 🤣

  9. "Right now, all that's happened is I am sitting in a house"

  10. You are coming across in a very angry and authoritative sense posting this poll..

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