1. this seems a bit sketchy though? If you do not understand the code completely it is better that you do not do it.. you could try to go through it and learn a bit.. there might be a line where it sends all the funds to random address that the creator of the code has access to

  2. I tried everything that people were recommending on the sub and then today I was scrolling through the app and boom it was there.

  3. They all refer to mining by plotting, computing etc. Here, I want to run a fullnode that syncs with other nodes and provide a RPC webservice to get latest status of the block chain.

  4. There are plenty of RPC nodes existing on Hetzner, but no word on if they make the distinction between mining and RPC hosting. Can I ask what blockchain you’re interested in?

  5. How can new validators be added to the list? I run Vault Staking and would be interested to integrate with Trust Wallet :)

  6. You can send us a pull request on github about that,

  7. Which other alternate provider would you recommend?

  8. Big fan of Hetzner, but also OVH, Linode, g-core, digital ocean are options and reputable. With obviously AWS/GCP/azure in there as well.

  9. "includes but not limited to" - so basically a hard no for anything crypto.

  10. Yes, thanks for also pointing out the TOS. While I assume you are correct, it is not explicit. Hetzner is probably banning people for installing these server-intensive applications which just degrade their hardware faster. A full node does not degrade a server like a mining node does. Therefore, one could make the argument it is not detrimental for Hetzner to allow such nodes and can be an exception to the “not limited to” clause.

  11. Lol, will it be delayed after the hack?

  12. I believe Nomad is referring to a person, not the bridge. So I would think it’s still on.

  13. Haha, I did think the same thing though! I was at the last one, it was a blast! I learned a ton.

  14. Ethereum/EVM and Cosmos/Tendermint addresses aren’t.

  15. I know addresses are case sensitive, not sure about domains 🤔

  16. Ah, good catch, I wasn’t thinking of the difference. So the address 7DWfjm… is different that 7dwfjm…, good to know!

  17. Your dietitian would like to have a word with you.

  18. DyDx is an app on Ethereum, so they didn’t already have their own chain. They could have moved their app from Ethereum to Evmos, which might have been easier than their plan to create a whole new chain. From my understanding, I don’t think Evmos played a part (or maybe indirectly just to learn lessons from their deployment). DyDx is planning on building a whole new, independent chain built on Tendermint.

  19. It would only crash the price on that particular dex though. I think the reason why the solend team is making this hastly maneuver is that they could end up with bad dept if the dexes can't absorb all tokens to their rightfull price.

  20. I agree with you that the bad debt would be quite bad for Solend and it’s lenders.

  21. Yes there would be a huge buying opportunity on that dex likely getting some SOL for very little which you could then sell for the regular price on a CEX.

  22. Right, and selling on a different DEX or CEX would then bring that price down a bit.

  23. The voting period was <6 hours. Hope you don't have to sleep in your decentralized protocol

  24. It’s a decentralized service as people can vote for a change. Banks don’t let you vote, they are centralized. Solend in particular just has a bad implementation of decentralization as a whale can sway the vote and there’s barely time to vote. I’m not sticking up for Solend’s bad app, just that it’s not “centralized”

  25. Why not set the vote to 3 mins then? Still decentralized right?

  26. Again, not sticking up for solend. Voting gives people a chance to voice an opinion. A centralized service does not provide such an option.

  27. Thanks for the screenshot of “every’s screwed, read more below”… without actually including the real information! No link to the tweet, no screenshots of the rest, nothing. Not saying it’s impossible for BlockFi to crash, but without actual info this is just FUD

  28. Plus blockfi is closed on on Monday June 20th for the “observance” of a non-bank related holiday (Juneteenth)!! Lol, soon you will be locked out.

  29. The US doesn’t really have “bank” holidays, just Federal holidays. And everything’s closed on Federal holidays, including banks.

  30. Sorry, etherscan is the site I meant. Polygonscan (what I put first) is the Polygon version. So look up your address on etherscan and it will display the checksummed version.

  31. is a block explorer for Ethereum. You can search your address and it shows all the transactions you’ve done. The relevant part for you, is it displays addresses in lowercase and capital letters. You’re not connecting you wallet or anything.

  32. You can stake your tokens natively on Polygon without having to bridge back to L1. There are various platforms to do this such as Umbria, AAVE,

  33. But this isn’t true staking. Definitely good way to generate yield, but not staking in the sense you delegate to validators as a way to secure the network.

  34. Yeah. Agreed. Not true staking but certainly more convenient for smaller amounts.

  35. I think you have it confused with the Peru Pass in San Antonio 😉

  36. The app shows you right now what the future rewards will be. I would attach a screenshot but photos I don’t think are allowed.

  37. I don’t know if it is completely accurate. Last expiration, it said the 4%XLM rewards were expiring, but they were just in the next set of rewards again, I’d wait till the 11th before fully knowing what rewards will be offered.

  38. If you can’t change the RPC, delete the network and re-add. Use

  39. Regarding your edit, all you have to do is click the "confirm exit" button on the bridge explorer (

  40. Thanks for this. The issue is that it's not showing up on the usual bridge interface for whatever reason.

  41. Happy to help :). Yeah we get this a lot on the discord. The bridge explorer is a lifesaver.

  42. Our rates are directly impacted by demand to borrow these assets. When demand goes up, so will our rates for those assets. We published a deep dive on this recently:

  43. Any interest in staking your assets to add a new revenue stream? We validate on Matic (top 5 validator, Vault Staking) which has a 9% return right now. Happy to have the conversation :)

  44. Gooooo go gaggaaaaaa cocomelon yes potato waffles and fish fingers niceeeeeee.

  45. If that’s your impression of a 5 year old, you clearly haven’t seen one in a while.

  46. Hey, I think you need to do a little bit of research into Solana before you comment completely false information like this again.

  47. So I understand Ethereum; that every is a smart contract (besides ETH) and interacting with a unknown token may run some malicious arbitrary code and compromise your wallet. I don’t know Solana as well; how are tokens made? Are they different than the smart contract model in Ethereum?

  48. For another datapoint, I am seeing the same issue on my account. I can click the project but no servers are there. Same "Operation failed" error.

  49. This is pretty exciting news, glad to see the team at Trust Wallet keep on expanding! Plans for Matic staking some day?

  50. Answering your last question first: How much did you actually pay? 0.001134 ETH. It doesn't matter what Etherscan shows, Coinbase charged your 0.001134 for the transaction and then they pay whatever it costs to actually transfer the ETH to your Metamask. If you had more than 0.15ETH in your Coinbase account, the fee will be deducted from your surplus amount.

  51. That’s right! The gas price won’t go above the “max” gwei, so even though the “max priority” is also 500gwei, it won’t use that full amount because you need to account for the base fee.

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