1. It's pretty sick. I liked it. Wad it better than n64 rainbow road? I'd say yes as it cut the excess out. Lots of boosts,drifts and curves be ready to fall off a few times.

  2. Very true. That is one area the GC kinda flopped. It did so well in so many other spots but music wise meh compared to mk64.

  3. The fact that he is a racist is bad and just plain stupid.

  4. In a Free society, can a mother and son have sex without consequences?

  5. I love it when one example gets spotlighted. Like the assassination of Japans PM. "HoW d hE GeT sHoT wItH gUn lAwS" That completely ignores everything else the country has done to stop them. We are a country that has done nothing to correct this issue.

  6. yeah the guy who spent years learning to build a gun and make bullets himself is def in the same camp as some kid going to walmart and then shooting up a school an hour later

  7. I can hear the young earthers now. Hur dur dur see there not millions of year old. Smh

  8. That 1st guy is clueless. 17$ an hour for no experience? Where do you think experience comes from? Also its 2023 and we have wages stagnant for over 10 years. Yeah 17 for no experience is the going rate ass hole.

  9. I try to work with em but if its planned and I gott be off? Bro either vacation day or point yalls choice but I wont be in. Yall looking for folks like me in high demand right now. Itd hurt yall more than me.

  10. Felt that oooo moment like I was back in school. Then to make it right the principal I mean pilot heard that shit and stepped out. Lol

  11. There was some short ass sword link could get in soul caliber 2. It was atrocious and shorter than any other sword.

  12. If we all saw some kids hitting each other with sticks. Would the correct action be to take away sticks or to make sure all kids can get a stick to swing with?

  13. None if they're in the USA. We have the opposite problem here.Aside from CEO s fuck them.

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