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  • By - bgny

  1. And yet when all the evidence pointed one way the church eventually relented it's position. Something anti-vaxxers have yet to do...

  2. Its pretty simple actually, I support the side that is backed by the majority of the data, evidence, and expertise. If evidence comes out further that refutes my stance then I’ll reconsider. That’s how it should work.

  3. That's how it does work you are just willfully ignorant of the evidence against your belief system.

  4. There is no omicron test, they are just randomly deciding every million cases to call it omicron and messed up.

  5. Bruh this unironically plays into the WEF's you will.own nothing theme lol!


  7. Lmao, what is that theory? It all depends on the testosterone levels, androgen receptor levels, estrogen levels. It's a function of all these. Some women who have more free flowing testosterone look more masculine. Similarly, men who have lesser testosterone look a bit feminine.

  8. I wonder how the world first felt when people had to get government issued ID's some hundred years ago.

  9. Yeah Vaxxport is just the natural progression of the government habit to keep track of its resources citizens.

  10. It would have been pretty chaotic if it was actually that bad. State would lose control in such a scenario. When you have millions dying everyday, you can't rule anybody anymore. Your own officials & you, yourself stand the risk of dying if that occurs.

  11. It's not just spotify, it's data analysis or as corporate drones call it "Big Data Analytics". This is not much different from the traditional market research methods that tracked your purchase history to make a profile & then include those items more in their list.

  12. Says who? A study conducted by the Jews? Lol! Reminds me of that meme where Obama gave himself a medal (another J puppet btw).

  13. I looked it up and it's nothing that puts in question the integrity of the results ,which were independently conducted by several studies

  14. Mainstream medical resources now agree that vaccine causes blotting & myocarditis. The information is available everywhere. It's not a conspiracy theory.

  15. Covishield is AstraZeneca. It's the same exact thing, just the Indian manufacturer, hence the different name. They collabed on that vaccine. It has same monkey virus delivery mechanism of vector.

  16. Well let me ask this: What do you think the truth behind all of this is?

  17. Best argument against the vaccine is that it is being forced using military now. Any physical ailments caused as a reaction to it are being thrown away. Something as serious as myocarditis or clotting is being ignored. There are no exceptions to the vaccine mandate. There are usually some exceptions to the regular medicines. Reactions, allergies etc are tested prior to bringing it in public. It wasn't done for this vaccine.

  18. Fiction is a great way to announce their plans. They did that with 9/11, Trump presidency & thousand other things.

  19. My distant cousin who worked at google in the bay area had a micro chip in his hand to open the doors and what not. So I'm not surprised at all.

  20. Jesus! I once dreamed of working at Google. Glad I never got the chance! I guess Lord saved me from becoming a zombie owned by them.

  21. Why are you afraid of a government action that has less than a 1% arrest rate?

  22. Interesting comparison indeed. So, do you agree that there should be vaccine against such governments? It's calles revolution & I suggest every individual should participate in this anti-government vaccination. It doesn't even require boosters!

  23. Don't you know? Coronavirus is a very polite & considerate virus. It goes away when you are eating without a mask. So, it's totally safe to eat outside but remember, as soon as you finish eating, put your mask back up or get called a ConspiracyTheorist™

  24. All his mentors & benefactors are chosen race. He is just a sockpuppet like Kampala, Obama & other minorities who have risen to positions of power.

  25. Twitter is a cesspool of the worst people on Earth. Get off of it for your mental health.

  26. Lol, perhaps it's just a mirror to the western society. China also has tiktok & they aren't lazy because of it.

  27. So if that is the case, why did they even arresr him or Ghislaine? It must have been to disctract the masses from something else, right? Like a plandemic for example. They could've just easily silenced the witnesses & put a curtain over this whole fiasco.

  28. This is good. It helps open eyes. It helps show people who actually rules this world. It's not presidents, not prime ministers, not kings... it's these creatures.

  29. 100%. It sort of irritates me to hear anyone reference Epstein or Maxwell as being the mastermind, when both of them seem to be taking the fall for a much wider ranging situation.

  30. Doesn't this hint at the collusion between reddit, reddit mods & Epstein trafficking ring? This might as well be "speculation" but doesn't this atleast make statement from them necessary. Or will this be swept under the rug like that sham trial?

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