How to murder a Musk rat!

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  1. In star wars legends there were sith who ate entire planets. It was said that Palpatine was the strongest sith who ever lived and George Lucas said that Vader is roughly 80% as strong as Palpatine. From this we can conclude that while Vader may not be skilled in the areas required for devouring planets in terms of sheer power he is equivalent to >80% of someone eating a whole planet in seconds. Vader has a reasonable case for winning

  2. Then combine with [[mycosynth lattice]] and [[radiant performer]] to exile all permanents on the battlefield and all cards that share names with permanents on the battlefield from hands, graveyards, and libraries.

  3. Shroud won't protect them if it's not a targeted effect, right? You'd need to phase all of them out

  4. Do you truly believe in a real situation where 9 people attack you, and some of them with knives, you would make it out ? I

  5. Yes, but no one is talking about those other mediums right now.

  6. Giorno isn't his great grandfather, what? He's his great uncle.

  7. The cops aren't allowed? That's adorable. How many people have the police murdered in their beds? More than this woman has, that's for sure.

  8. I mean I have been on another site many years ago where people posted sorta rascist memes as a joke but then people who were actually rascist came and started posting more rasicist memes which they were fully believe in.

  9. On the one hand I see the point, on the other hand you don't need to be an author to have an opinion

  10. The only good one is the one on the left. That's something we can all agree on.

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