1. Yes, it's a well known fact that when you hit an iceberg, all the stars go out

  2. Have you ever been on a boat in the middle of the ocean at night? It's usually incredibly dark

  3. This is a lot of peoples gut response, but if you actually do the research you will see how important it is and how minimal the negatives are. Unfortunately most people just have their gut reaction and don't bother looking deeper. It is actually extremely justified and has several psychiatric associations backing it. These kids are often in much bigger danger staying the way they are.

  4. Having any white spot on a dobermann’s coat is considered a flaw in Europe. Those dogs cannot be included in breeding.

  5. Like what's next, you don't fuck with Pangaea?

  6. You guys. This is not crema. This is aerated coffee. Coffee infused with air.

  7. I have never even thought about joining an espresso sub, I'm only here because someone in another sub mentioned how stupid the gatekeepers on here are. Thanks for confirming

  8. They're not really gatekeeping - it is objectively not crema.

  9. You take an offense for someone taking an interest in cult behaviors and you used the word "witch hunt". Which cults are you in buddy?

  10. I saw where someone accused you of being a racist and your Dolberman is wearing a tactile-like vest with the flag on it. Which cult do you belong to? Sorry about your wife's oxy addiction. OUCH!

  11. Most reddit nfl "watchers" are just Madden players with no understanding. I'd venture a 95+% of the opinions on all nfl related subs to be people who's entire knowledge of football comes from Madden.

  12. I would not be surprised if a lot of these states are religious folks googling it to find out what it is (Utah seems like one). A lot of churches rant against D&D and basically just spark curiosity.

  13. He was rephrasing what jamarr said to emphasize the nonsensical nature of what he was saying

  14. Of course I'm just guessing. We're all just guessing. Some guesses are just better than others

  15. no, we’re not all guessing. government approved research has been going on for years and informs legislation. to pass impactful bills, all the details need to be thought through.

  16. Congrats on the success. What website are you using to find newly licensed realtors?

  17. Johnson's big problem is Steeler fans can recall very recently having amazing posession receivers in Ward and Heath. Almost never dropped the ball, ran backwards, etc.

  18. Old is relative. It wasn't that long ago there were cheers of "Heeeeaath" and Ward left only a few years before. It's not like we have to trace back twenty years to find a reciever much like Johnson and simply better at that role.

  19. Ask them if they use Titlepro247. I just met with a title guy yesterday who is giving me hyper specific lead lists for free.

  20. Better than mindlessly ignoring the fact that we’ve been mediocre at best for the past 12 years.

  21. Being unhappy while consuming entertainment is better than being happy while consuming entertainment. Lmao

  22. Harbaugh goes 10-7 with Tyler Huntley at QB, everyone: "It's time for a change in Baltimore!!"

  23. Who is "everyone"? The people saying the first quote in your comment are not the same people saying the second quote. You're comparing the statements of different people that have nothing to do with each other. Your comment is nonsensical

  24. Are you worried about possible heroin addiction?

  25. My wife had 4 days of horrible withdrawals after being on Oxy for 2 weeks after surgery. Shit is not to be played with

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