1. make a concoction of omena and maharage and hide somewhere it can not be found in every single room

  2. I'm going to refer you to a YouTube channel called Lockpicking Lawyer so you can see how easy it is for even these top brands to be picked.

  3. I'm curious how the windows emulation has improved over time on linux

  4. I don't even know...I started the journey in class7 and during covid I fully switched to linux alternatives of the apps I used.

  5. Watched movies on VHS,had a portable cassette player, Took my first photograph on a kodak film camera. Got my first smartphone in class 3.

  6. I thought my internet was acting up again.I literally rebooted my router like 5 times before quitting.

  7. Just follow the instructions on their subreddit.They don't distribute the modified app.

  8. You mean reVanced? I just downloaded from a Google search. Share the sub

  9. I think it's learning....I can learn many things really fast. Learning has got me skills like singing,playing the piano,baking , tech stuff and repairs and electrical wiring.

  10. Ah cool, are you from East Africa? Going to Tanzania on Monday haha

  11. Safaricom but considering to switch to faiba because they've been throttling my speeds so much recently.

  12. I'm still worried about my university admission. On the plus side I just got my national ID..which means I can get a job and a driver's license while sorting out uni.

  13. yeah. they can just walk to somewhere else. no border security in africa whatsoever. also whenever we donate something to africans some pirates steal everything from others in need. imagine having pirates in 2023 lmao they are way beyond stuipd

  14. Is blackarch even maintained anymore? I think their last provided ISO is like a couple years old now

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