[Baldwin] There are a lot of terrible things about this Gruden story but I can't get over Bruce Allen forcing Washington's cheerleaders to do a topless photoshoot and then using his team email account to send the pictures to Gruden.

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  1. CMC is injured constantly which has to factor in eventually. In terms of raw talent I think he’s right behind Kamara at the 5th spot. If you asked the Browns to trade Hunt for Barkley, Jones, Ekeler, etc they wouldn’t come close to doing it

  2. If you factor in what Hunt brings to the locker room and energy on the sidelines, which you absolutely should, he is absolutely a top 5 guy for me.

  3. We'll find out this week honestly. It's just so hard to properly grade Hunt and Chubb when Stefanski pretty much figures out who has the hot hand by the 2nd and starts to lean on one over the other. That is until the 4th when they essentially take turns grabbing 10 yard chunks.

  4. Colts should be in the AFC North. Move the Ravens to the AFC East with the Pats, Jets and Bills. Then the Dolphins can be in the AFC South with the Jags, Titans and Texans!! 😂

  5. I’m not sure if we have the same intensity though. The current AFC south teams are rivals but I mean we don’t try to destroy each other like the rest of the North. 🤷🏻‍♂️

  6. Ah reddit, anytime somebody tries to have an actual conversation there's a dumb joke or reference thrown in.

  7. He kind of reminds me of one of those old school larger-than-life-and-actually-also-a-giant guys like Andre the Giant or Gorilla Monsoon.

  8. I’ve met him. He is a very large man. He was very nice. And very large.

  9. Early Millennial. And while I’m at it, gonna install snood and Bonzi Buddy!

  10. Early millennial here too - linewire was amazing. I also miss ICQ.

  11. No. But he did have several rattlesnake belts and a rattlesnake keychain with the rattle.

  12. the universe it's self is infinite not matter it's self's not a situation where stars and planets are infinite

  13. space it's self, the blackness of space ,the void ....the matter of the universe and plasma is not infinite ........the plants and stars and asteroids don't go on forever space it's self does

  14. If space itself does, then something has to fill that space. It could be as small as strings or quarks or whatever, but it has something in it.

  15. Both are local gas stations in the Maryland area. Justin Tucker is a spokesman for Royal Farms ("RoFo") even though Wawa is clearly the superior choice.

  16. Every Reddit argument ends with the “wrong” person trying to spin your words into something you did not say so that they feel right.

  17. Ok, this is a “will” instead of a “considering”. I’m afraid to get my hopes up, but……

  18. Lol I completely forgot Kid Cudi was on that song. 90% of it is Eminem.

  19. Hell I think it’s technically a Kid Cudi song featuring Eminem.

  20. He’s still in the league and not in a ring of honor. And Tyreek Hill is also still in the league despite abusing a helpless child.

  21. Remember how after World Wars I and II the country had robust and successful economies. And how your high school economics teacher said that war is generally good for the economy?

  22. what is going on holy fuck… that’s absolutely disgusting

  23. CERN created a micro black-hole in 2012. It shifted us into an alternate reality and things are just slightly off-kilter. It shows up with stuff like this and throat contusions.

  24. The difference between a first-team offense and a second-string secondary is incredible. It shows how talented elite NFL players really are.

  25. This just further proves we have slipped into an alternate timeline/reality. I had never even heard of a throat contusion before today, and now it’s happened twice. Those assholes at CERN made a black hole and now everything is just out of sync.

  26. Back in June, I booked a flight for October during their “fall sale.” In July, I got a notice that one of the flight numbers changed; no big deal. A couple weeks later I decided to check my flights again out of curiosity. I noticed that one leg of my departing flight with a connection no longer existed. They never even sent me a notice. Instead of Portland -> Sacramento -> Ontario, it was just Sacramento -> Ontario. I immediately called them and canceled entirely, and paid 2x as much to fly nonstop with Alaska.

  27. My wife had basically the same thing happen to her a couple months ago.

  28. I think they have different refund requirements when it's weather based on airline specific issues

  29. Boy that sounds like a class-action fraud lawsuit waiting to happen.

  30. As a Clemson fan, that's an insult to Iowa's offense

  31. Holy shit. I haven’t paid much attention to cfb this year. Wtf happened down there? Are they not even ranked?

  32. From what I understand, they threw this together in a hallway and the cart was for the reporters to put their phones. Fine and all, but that hallway looks gross with all that peeling paint and what looks like wood rot and mold?

  33. It probably looked fine on TV because the cameras were framed with just the background showing. This was an uncropped phone pic

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