1. Something about pixel art just hits different, deeper and takes you back to older nostalgic times in your life that no other art can for me (Picture wise)

  2. I agree with you, I fell in love with this art so much that I began to create myself)

  3. You mean this isn’t Dagoth Ur, Scourge of Vvardenfell, First of the Sixth House and Beloved by Nerevar?

  4. Friend, taking into account the fact that I use a translator, I didn't really understand what it was about, I'll say one thing at first I do the work and then I puzzle over how to call it, don't take it to heart

  5. The character on the steps reminds me a of a character from an old videogame. The resemblance is actually rather strong.

  6. now I understand, thanks for the explanation. Everyone has different associations I looked at Baroque paintings before I started painting

  7. I love this sub great work I want to get into this

  8. I can see the story now, a man sits in the subway waiting for the last train home and see that creature rise from the trees... So cool!

  9. Thank you! I am very glad that I was able to convey this atmosphere)

  10. In my profile you can see another work with this dog

  11. Amazing work bro can you tell me a good (pc pixel art application)

  12. Thanks bro) I only know the well-known aseprite for PC, but I myself use a tablet and the Draw Pixelart pro program)

  13. awesome art, the compulsive gun nerd in me must say that this is an aks74 not an aks74u

  14. Yes, I could have made a mistake in the modification, thank you for correcting it

  15. Takes me back to old Test Drive 1, F15, F19, F117, Space Quest 1/2/3 times...

  16. Thank you, your associations have warmed my soul)

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