I just shit myself for the first time as an adult.

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  1. It’s what you call someone larping as a cowboy or Texas ranger with the hat, belt and boots

  2. No - Ian Mckellen simply gets called love cause he’s a bit sweet

  3. We are both 25, on £85k combined just outside Manchester. Homeowners. Married. Live very comfortably and rarely worry about money.

  4. You played butthole roulette and you lost. So did the sofa by the sounds of it.

  5. I knew this was fiction from the get-go...can you imagine a BMW actually signaling

  6. Last week I had a Beemer throw themselves across 3 lanes of motorway traffic, lose the rear in front of me halfway into the central reservation which kicked up a massive rock.... Which planted itself in my windscreen. I love BMW drivers

  7. Are you just jealous you can’t afford one? Be honest

  8. The point is that it is a good, nice, decent and selfless act to buy gifts for OTHER people. Why is everyone so obsessively insular these days?

  9. It’s not selfless as there is almost always an expectation of reciprocity

  10. Guess you’ve never heard of giving without expecting anything in return?

  11. Some jumped up animal behaviour ‘expert’: “the bear was actually indicating that he was scared 😡”

  12. Did you know that he actually got his degree from a small New York college?

  13. The college was not that big but knew how to satisfy a mathematics student

  14. The forest needs a bit of a trim so have at it Dustin. This comment is sponsored by Manscaped™️

  15. I’d bring the Cheetos and the dark chocolateeeeee so that we could have a special little encounter

  16. As a Reddit poster you shouldn’t even be talking to the community like this, yet you want to

  17. I’ve always wondered what John Kennelly was thinking as he sat his bare ass on that cold stool in a strangers house. How did he not hear Chris walk into the room? You could hear his foot steps very clearly in the video. I honestly think he wanted some sort of weird titanic when the kid took him from behind in some sort of embrace. Idk it just always confused me lol

  18. He was enchanted and lost in the moment playing with his little mushroom

  19. So somebody on your computer made plans to meet here and magically you show up?

  20. He can kiss the iron bar I’d love to bash him over the head with if he wants. Only thing for him.

  21. John Pederson Construction LLC owns the rights to this photo of its employee and demands that the poster removes it from Reddit. You have 30 days to comply.

  22. Her brother was chatting to children online trying to fuck them and had child porn on his computer yet she still stood up for him. Definition of a see you next Tuesday.

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