1. That doesn't protect everyone. A highschooler I know is being bullied by their queer classmates for "not being non-binary enough"

  2. Saying I’m “trying” to use a chair is implying I’m failing at the job, which isn’t a fair assessment. I’ve just found the most comfortable position to sit in, but the straights are too cowardly to try it themselves.

  3. Came here to say exactly this. No matter how much equity, representation, and respect it gets, the infighting will always destroy it.

  4. A40 says:

    I bet she also has ideas about kids with 'accents,' and 'foreign backgrounds.'

  5. Is he the actual Devin that said ok to end trans genocide or just someone with the same name?

  6. Too bad for the conservatives I can Select All Images Containing A Boat

  7. First off, unless you have somewhere to go to sleep then you have to remember you are under their roof and their rules, so it's best to psych yourself up ready for a lot of bad stuff to come, hold your emotions in and keep yourself calm at all times, even if all you want to do is smack one of them for what they say.

  8. Thanks for the help! I do have some potential backup in case things start getting bad. Realistically I would only have to wait a few weeks before receiving substantial support, which is not ideal but doable.

  9. Proceeds to (happy) cry for 5 minutes after being called queen at a random point over text

  10. We are not here to argue about who is valid and who is not. We are here to throw bricks at cops. Enough said.

  11. Ok. I missed something. What is the deal with Devin?

  12. Devin has launched a crusade against transphobia and is calling on everyone to help save the world

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