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  1. I like it! I want this to be true.

  2. I agree they are doing a great job of making GameStop a great company.

  3. It was honestly a huge waste, you could have just had someone buy 90% of the company, extend an offer at $80/share for the rest, and turn around and sell some of their original shares back and not delist it, at great profit.

  4. If I was a billionaire, it would have happened.

  5. Icahn and RC have been labeled activist investors for a reason. It would seem out of character to unnecessarily turn on retail. I'm not saying it's outside the realm of possibility, but the individual saying the words adds a lot of context.💙💎🚀🌝

  6. Icahn shorted GME at the top. He knows the world is run by criminals and banks on it. We will see.

  7. Fear of missing out on squeezing the criminals running this country’s stock market into the ground while they run away with the money, Scott free.

  8. 99% chance of a nothing burger. And to be fair, RC left long ago and all those “theories” that this is his master plan are just hopium.

  9. I mean RC gave us a pic of him with Icahn. What are we to think?

  10. If I was RC I would have dropped 300 million and bought the float yesterday.

  11. I am 100% commit to the cause. I am beginning to wonder how committed RC is to be honest.

  12. Posts should further contribute to the shareholders' discussion around GME. Both the post title and its contents (text, image, links) must relate to GME. It is the OP’s responsibility to convey in the title how their submission is relevant.

  13. I can tell you that your not the only one struggling. Idk how many post ive seen people homeless jobless and still holding. If it was easy everyone would do it. Just remember in the end when people tell you that you were just lucky you don't deserve it just think back to the ruff times. It will be worth it in the end im confident in that. The people need a win against the corruption if we dont do it who will. Ive had multiple jobs just to be able to survive and buy myself i know not everyone can do that. I would love for this to be over so i can move on as well but i also believe if Cohen and the board push to hard we will end up in court and we wont be paid what we deserve. I believe we are within a month or two from the end everything is unraveling in the markets. I hope everything works out for everyone here.

  14. David Steel wrote a letter to Trump about the short sellers at the end of 2020. I think he was mostly unaware of the size of the problem before that happened.

  15. So it can be said out loud. Okay Ryan your turn.

  16. Remember that you’d have to route though IEX exchange to make a difference.

  17. I hope we find out more about Ryan’s tweets that were suppressed!

  18. When did the government order Twitter to suppress free speech?

  19. Nobody knows what is going to happen. I don't care. I'm zen AF. They aren't getting my shares.

  20. We can agree that you “don’t care” about the potential problems with the cbdc?

  21. Others will get screwed. We won't. We already knew this. Let me know how you plan to save people's pensions too while you're at it.

  22. This is correct. The government is in on Sam’s crime. They will now use the legal scams failing to be saviors with a new scam that is also not decentralized.

  23. Paid nerds used by the government to spread fud and regulation. What better way to do it than to do it yourself. Sam is the poster child for how crypto can be regulated by the Fed and look at that, billions disappear. US government is really good at making it disappear. Don't fall for the scheme. Make it look like crypto can't be trusted. Make it fail. Then control it. Simple plan by complex people who DO NOT have your interests at heart. Sam can't explain any of it because if he tells the truth it would wreck the plans set forth by the same people who are probably threatening harm to everyone he knows.

  24. I think this has become so obvious that retail could actually wake up to the idea of “being your own bank”.

  25. Amen! People.give crypto way too much attention, theres a whole financial underworld that's more interesting than someones made up digital monopoly money ...

  26. Bitcoin/gme marketplace vs. centralized banking digital credits.

  27. I wish FTX implemented only a tenth of the banking regulations… this has nothing to do with any of what you mentioned. FTX was simply fraud.

  28. Regulations that protect the market faith. Which you have to have to believe it’s fair.

  29. There is no Fed to back the cex. They can declare bankruptcy right? Dtcc has insurance. I’m agreeing

  30. This is why you buy apple stock

  31. This why I buy GameStop with their new marketplace

  32. My buddy had a 94’ 916 in high school in 94.

  33. How many billionaires are clueless to rampant short selling?

  34. They are trying to get people to buy short positions

  35. Just think what wall-streets algorithms can do. Now apply that same thinking to voting polls algorithms.

  36. Did you notice this post got restricted for being political. Kinda sensitive

  37. Honestly I think that we all want to not be stolen from. I’m not on the side of take what you can while you can at all.

  38. Stock market doesn’t allow trading between players either….

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