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  1. Wow this is super beautiful. You must be so lucky to see it everyday

  2. Oh wow. Thank you. I am indeed lucky to have this view in my university.

  3. Awww why? What happened? What is that day that you mean?

  4. Well I was trying something out and it didn't work out well as I wanted.

  5. No but I sell lemonade. It's cold and it's fresh and it's all homemade.

  6. Any update…. did you take the 16 personalities test?

  7. Yes I took it but it kept telling me that I'm introverted every time.

  8. Well in my language Monday literally means like "Second day" so guess im on the Sunday gang

  9. Sunday in Arabic means الأحد. It is similar to واحد which means one. Thus Sunday is the first day of the week.

  10. The better way to tackle envy is to ask Allah for protection against envious people. Read سورة الفلق and آية الكرسي so that you get blessed and protected by Allah. Also say the دعاء of protection and keep in your mind that whatever happens to you is written on you and it is all from Allah.

  11. In regards to prayers, try focusing on the words you say in your prayers as if you are speaking to Allah directly. After all, you are in between Allah's hands and Allah listens to you. Also, think of prayers as your break from the world and how it feeds your soul.

  12. why are yall talking about me lol, its not that hard to go into discord search bar and look at people's past messages

  13. And those people deserve a token of dedication. They're underrated.

  14. Comrade General. You are proving even more tenacious than I thought. What a great threat you your enemies. Do me this favor: grace me with your presence in Moscow, so I may thank you in person.

  15. Be a good friend of yourself first. Treat yourself better. Know what you're lacking and what you're good at and accomplish your goals bit by bit. Understand yourself more.

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