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  1. Mumbai is probably the worst map in the entire WOA trilogy. While I hate Bangkok at least it’s small.

  2. It feels like a level from Blood Money. Just not enough substance when it makes up 1/6 of the base game

  3. It's based on a level from blood money, of course it'll be similar.

  4. Lee Hong gets sniped, Fritz Fuchs gets drowned in the hotel pool, Hayamoto Sr. gets poisoned by Fugu, Fernando Delgado gets killed by Fiber Wire, and Dominic Osmond gets shot through a one-way mirror in his strip club.

  5. What about Vaanya who got set on fire and got eaten alive? That one's canon.

  6. I think whichever ones should be considered "canon" are the ones with the most detailed mission stories relevant to the plot.

  7. This is amazing! But what about the fact that Jordan Cross was confirmed to have been killed when ""Abel De Silva"" pushed him through glass?

  8. I like how it actually says Dell Conagher instead of The Engineer.

  9. Deathslinger's is so good now. Not because they improved it a lot, but becauses the original is dog shit.

  10. I feel like Freddy and Trickster's poses just need small changes. Like if they had Freddy holding up one of his claws and Trickster has his head cooked back more like it is in his original portrait they would look better.

  11. If I touch a bread does that mean that I reach it?

  12. Lucky on the trickster bit. I wish I only saw 3 every 2 months

  13. I've seen 0 twins in these past 2 months, 16 tricksters, and 12 pigs.

  14. Ive seen more twin players then I have Pig, Hag, Plague, Trickster, Demo, and Nightmare players so I always thought the idea that no one plays twins was a bit overplayed

  15. I've seen Trickster and Pig more than Twins. Although pig is in vogue right now.

  16. So you are the bubba player this perk is targeting.

  17. I know what you mean, but I main Deathslinger, and sometimes play Spirit or Clown.

  18. Is this guy Yami Bakura? And is that wraith Bonz, Sid, or Zygor?

  19. I like wrenches and hammers for throwing, and crowbars for thwacking.

  20. Plague-Bringer can appear more than once in Shadow of Mordor, but not in Shadow of War.

  21. you watch ur goddamn mouth about jackie carrington

  22. I know this is a day old, but I love it. It looks like an old Yu-Gi-Oh card.

  23. BLACK Mamba. BLUE Racer. SCARLET Snake. BROWN Snake. YELLOW Rat Snake.

  24. Kody Haynes is easy. Emetic grenade from behind a rock, emetic syringe on guard, push target, all wearing a suit. And I'm on ps4, so I don't have the green streak.

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