1. Vi skickade in namanet till ungen idag. Kom för 7veckor sedan, du har tid för namn, ingen stress

  2. This is great since I will now be able to enjoy more content in a great game!

  3. Biowares fall from legend to villain is on the same level as Blizzard. Two great companies that are now dessicated husks trying to cash in on their former glory.

  4. I mean, it's really the fault of EA and Activision

  5. Jag sadlade om via yrkeshögskole utbildning, funkar jättebra för mig. Kolla vad som finns för utbud nära dig så kan du få lite tips å så

  6. Kan lägga till att jag blev pappa senast i fredags, otrolig lycka! (Om än sömnbristen nu)

  7. Du glömde handduken på golvet

  8. Well, they shouldn't have said "break a leg" to wish him good luck. Took it too literally

  9. Poor animal, people can be real shitty

  10. Starting each word with a capital letter.

  11. So you poop in the porseline bowl and put the dick in the hole above?

  12. Asthma and dedication, just cold turkey one day.

  13. If you squint hard enough everything is John Oliver

  14. Still belive the argument stands. Albeit some hate is defenetly valid to direct toward the instigator.

  15. None of those viewers were 'forced' to place those pixels.

  16. Basically what we are arguing is the good old discussion of "They were only following orders."

  17. It's only WT 1, any garbage build will get you through it. Now try this again in WT4 and with Uber Lilith....

  18. Did anything in the post imply that was the goal of the build? No, so go away with your unecessary negativity, and let people enjoy the game.

  19. Facts about WT1 = Negativity? You've been sucking way too much Blizzard dick and getting nut all over on your face by Blizzard.

  20. Guess you didn't see the vid where a lvl 92ish sorc soloed a 100nm then. You seem like a angry hateful person, have fun in life!

  21. Skulle nog säga mellan skinkorna är mörkast

  22. This is a real sport, and is getting bigger by the minuit. Specially in Finland

  23. Aloc says:

    Det är inget fel på dej.

  24. Otroligt många antaganden i filmen. Så man bör ta med en nypa salt. Men finns garanterat en del sanning. (Jag träffade min sambo på Tinder å jag är då inget större kap)

  25. Frågar du mig? Jag är uppenbarligen partisk.

  26. Är dina exempel mainstream? Känner knappt igen ett namn. Kanske jag som bor under en sten. Inget jag hört på radio iaf.

  27. Såg mest ut som epa-dunk i listan. Och nått dansband. Inget man i regel hör på radio..

  28. Ill oblige and recieve one token, sir.

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