1. Well that was a funny white bitch, wasn't it? Skinny though.

  2. Spain was under a fucking dictatorship in the 70s you dolt.

  3. My girlfriend is from Bosnia and grew up when there was a literal genocide happening there in the 90s. They weren't allowed to have guns either.

  4. "The being," "birthing person," "people who menstruate..."

  5. I hope his manager is a tiny little nerd who he's afraid of

  6. Dee's "WHAT ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT WHAT ARE WE TALKING ABOUT RIGHT NOW" after that may be one of my favorite moments in the entire show

  7. No way! Appleseed is the answer.

  8. I prefer to refer to people as accurately as possible, which is why I say "Academy Award Winner Mo'Nique," or "50 Goal Scorer Chris Kreider," or "Murderer Alec Baldwin."

  9. Probably just one of those things they didn't consider, like how Charlie has a sister he mentions once and no one ever references her again

  10. I only remember it for its utterly grating dialogue.

  11. I didn't get past the opening credits when she yelled at a dog to "shut your gob!"

  12. The only Rangers Jersey I own is a Rick Nash Jersey that was given to me. It’s definitely unique in a crowd.

  13. Very first jersey I ever owned was an Artem Anisimov heritage jersey from like 2010

  14. While he may have earned his side jobs (most of them), you can not argue he is anything but completely incompetent as a nuclear safety technician, which is his primary source of income.

  15. I remember seeing Sami Salo block a shot with his fellas. Dude looked like he was trying to escape from his own body.

  16. I suspect the gentleman is not particularly well acquainted with the smell of any woman

  17. I don't understand why they do this. You saddle the poor animal with health problems from the time it's born, all so you can have a dog that looks like it got hit in the face with a shovel.

  18. With content this compelling, how can he even hope to avoid getting famous?

  19. Samberg isn't much better. They both speak their lines with their normal voice. It's like they don't know you need to be able to convey emotions/intent/desire thru your voice when it's animated. Casting those 2 was obviously just a attempt to bring in people that like them otherwise they would've stuck with the orginal professional voice actors that actually have parts in this freaken movie.

  20. Obviously not knowing the man personally, from every role he's ever had Andy Samberg seems like he may be one of the most obnoxious people on the planet

  21. I went to this museum with my family a few years back and we all found the weirdest thing about it was that it seemed to make us all super, super hungry

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