1. Yeah also there’s some definite picking and choosing of exactly which moments of the sequel trilogy battles to show. Snoke’s throneroom battle is fucking epic. But sure, show the scene where the untrained student fights a weakened and bleeding darksider. And just the smallest part of that.

  2. I mean, you see a backflip over a TIE fighter in TROS, not even the prequels pulled something as extravagant.

  3. Luke made terrible progress between ANH and ESB. He was dogshit at the start of the movie, barely even padawan level.

  4. Oh you mean he didn't learn the force in the first day he tried it like Rey?

  5. My dude, the title is literally what you said

  6. Was it random? Or were both her masters Skywalkers and she honored them?

  7. Rey spent a couple days with Luke and there was no training, only a lecture about the Force and the Jedi sucking.

  8. They're on a sub that has "ON_PRIME" in its name so they couldn't be any more shills.

  9. or like maybe the sub was created in 2017 when the project was announced and the only info out there was: tolkien adaption, based on lotr books, on amazon prime. dont know which other name you would have given the sub with only these 3 information pieces.

  10. It's not like there's a couple of main lotr subs where the discussion was done...or the rings of power subs that were created right after the official announcement.

  11. I’ve said the show order is wrong in multiple other posts. It’s equally easy to admit that the PJ prologue is, generously, very misleading in its depiction of the forging order. Harder to explain why that gets a pass.

  12. The PJ prologue is based on the ringverse from the books, there's nothing wrong with it. It's not order of creation, it's the ascending order of how many rings each race were given, 3-7-9.

  13. The given rings to the 3 races, english is not my first language but did I type anything that hard to understand or you need to find more excuses to ignore the prologue respected the ringverse?

  14. Far more likely is that trying to compete with Avengers: Infinity War and Deadpool 2 for nerd movie dollars was a task Solo was absolutely not up to. TRoS made way more money and was a far, far worse film; the Star Wars brand remained strong, Solo just didn't pull its own weight.

  15. Competition certainly played a role but it was more lack of interest than anything else because competition alone wouldn't explain the terrible box office.

  16. Were you legally elected by the people of Naboo as the newest Queen?

  17. But I never said Rey was adopted, what I said was she was an honorary member as she took up the Skywalker name to continue their legacy.

  18. Lol alright, didn't know this was about more than the movies to you.

  19. There's hardly anything to talk about, unless you want to suggest there's no alternatives to a director that isn't even that well liked in the fandom to begin with, or that other directors don't deserve a shot when he had his already.

  20. Other directors deserve a shot and there are alternatives but that doesn't mean he's not worth turning to again.

  21. I'm not a fan of the scale armor either but you must realize that "objectively bad" is not a thing.

  22. And correct me if I’m wrong, that’s what he intended with Luke in ROTJ right? If he’s struck down in anger he gets to possess their body. That’s how the Sith live forever

  23. No...if he wanted that he wouldn't have expected Vader to stop Luke, and then bragged Vader belonged to him.

  24. Well Ahsoka had 7 seasons of episodes to develop her character. Rey had 3 movies. If Ahsoka was in the PT movies and nothing else she would have been hated by the fanbase.

  25. My point was Ahsoka had more time to have character development and for fans to come around to her than Rey did. Anakin is an example of this too considering his character was much more fleshed out thanks to a 7 season tv show

  26. And TLJ fans still think doing this in the middle of the trilogy is a good idea..then act surprised the last movie had to try to bandage the middle one.

  27. I really liked Tfa and loved Tlj but RoS really fell flat. I didn't hate it but I was just upset.

  28. He was talking about the immediate backtracking on Rey’s identity not mattering, Kylo’s equally-immediate 180 to repairing his mask for no reason, the sudden shelving of Rose and basically kneecapping anything Finn character-wise, and the overall sudden direction shift away from Kylo as the main villain on his own to just having the emperor exist again for no apparent reason.

  29. His goal is to have his spirit join with an appropriate vessel. Striking him down in anger would leave that person vulnerable to his possession. Vader obviously wasn't appropriate so he focused on Luke, then clones, then Rey.

  30. I have no idea how you think Palpatine wanted Luke to kill him in anger when Luke WAS angry from seeing his friends die, the setting was done, Vader wouldn't have to defend him.

  31. TLJ ending was perfect IMO. Luke force projecting to save Rey, Leia and the remaining Resistance crew and getting the best of Kylo without actually fighting and sacrificing himself as redemption for his prior mistakes…perfect. No more Jedi act than that.

  32. That's cool and all but how do we stop all the Kylos/Mauls/Dookus/Grievous/Palpatines without fighting them?

  33. Maybe it’s I don’t like it more than accept it- but The Force was originally something you could dedicate yourself to and study. It was rare like going off to be a monk, but the door was open to anyone willing to try and not just children with magic blood like the Prequels set up

  34. As opposed to Luke and Leia being the last hope in the OT because of their magic Skywalker blood?

  35. There's several post-ROTJ stories in the EU and the ones Palpatine returns aren't particularly liked.

  36. I remember that he tortured her in one occasion and tried to kill her in another.

  37. This is what ruined episode 9 imo, loud, toxic fans after episode 8.

  38. Fans don't write movies and it's incredibly silly to believe JJ was pandering to haters when he himself said he loved TLJ, he himself defended it and condemned fans hating it, and most of all the choices he made that the haters would never like.

  39. Solo is a fun movie to watch but it's a bit forgettable. That's why it's hardly brought up, there's not much to talk about it besides how Han got his name...

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