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  1. No,no,no. The forbidden overclock is using propane to liquid cool your cpu to subzero temperatures and burn the outgoing gas. See LTT/Hacksmith for demonstration.

  2. This is usually my reaction to a cold shower

  3. The fuel needed to haul a truck load of Panasonic DVD players is probably worth more at this point.

  4. We already have the Quatroporte Maserati and a BMW Wagon.

  5. A guy posted, like one hour ago, the his level was raised to 8000.

  6. Amazon is imploding. Failure to get returns on Alexa development and hardware as a way to increase customer purchases, horrible work conditions in warehouses and deliveries with unionizing on the rise, the mess that are 3rd party sellers and scams in their own storefront, the ecological disaster of trashing out perfectly good returned products, etc. Not to mention financial loophole abuse to avoid taxes.. Time for competition to step back in.

  7. Itโ€™s like a circus daredevil of the financial markets doing whateverโ€™s illegally possible to keep adding one more chainsaw on fire to the loop. Weโ€™re all just here in disbelief waiting for a crash. No way Iโ€™m leaving my seat now I wanna see it when it happens.

  8. Apple partnering Apple pay with the GameStop NFT Marketplace to compete with Ticketmaster and Spotify

  9. Weโ€™re launching today a wallet for digital goods, an online store for all your electronic products needs and an internet stock communicator. These are not three seperate devices. This is GMErica.

  10. Congratulations to all the redacteds!

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