1. Gabby Fortune. Never understand why people dont atleast give a name.

  2. Tomato tomatoe they both got the quads what more do you want from me?.

  3. went from from 6 to 7 relatively quick but 7 to 8 scary quick

  4. I would have thought yes but that seems like a huge amount of digital or physical space for all TV and radio stations.

  5. I suffer from bad social anxiety. I go out only for things like gym, food and essential. I often find I'm at a loss for that particular word.

  6. Sure upload a video of you playing someone who hasn’t made it to challenger yet. I could 100-0 you due to how bad that deck is

  7. Lol😌 know what invite me to your clan and we can 1v1. You guys are hostile.

  8. Xpendedknights2. Use that deck and we’ll play 3x

  9. I won't downplay your win, but your opponent wasn't very good at the game, if he just put his troops in the back and built a REALLY big push ( which he could have if he wanted to ) you'd be dead. Also why did you show the top of your screen 3 times? Made it really difficult to see what was happening.

  10. Yeah soz I thought I could reply to your msg. Forgot the screen recorder would capture that. 5 other opponent's all the same deal. Firecracker and Royal delivery deal with any push. Ice golem splits the pack as well as skeletons. Witch is a very versatile card and fisherman is way underrated.

  11. If you only use cleanser and moisturizer, I would recommend adding an SPF for the day when you go outside. If your barrier is compromised enough that you’re peeling, you must protect yourself from the sun. Just because it doesn’t feel damaging doesn’t mean it’s not! If you have the means/patience to expand your routine, I would also recommend adding a toner/essence to help hydrate your skin and hopefully combat the dryness that might be causing you to peel. If you wanna go deep in the rabbit hole, check out the Korean 10-step routine. I also recommend looking into kbeauty/Asian beauty products as many companies focus on gentle ingredients and barrier repair/protection. My favorite gentle/basic brand is pyunkang yul and it’s very affordable as well. Recommended sites include sokoglam, StyleKorean, and yesstyle. They can be bought on Amazon as well but try and make sure it’s from a reliable seller. Good ingredients for compromised barrier include ceramides, panthenol, probiotics, madecassoside, propolis, and snail mucin.

  12. Thanks. I'm scared to use anything but the bare minimum. My skin reacts its seems to everything hence just using water.

  13. Ludacris - “Splash Waterfalls”

  14. It's just before that song. It's an instrumental just a piano. Kind of reminds me of the song they play after the heist in Oceans 11.

  15. I think it’s originally composed for this episode

  16. I do have a thing about wearing clothing that's to tight its just abit showy.

  17. I've definitely got a few herbs and spices I need to get. Thanks.

  18. Add garlic with a little of all of those, lets see how it comes out, get wild.

  19. Holy sh*t this person is a slightly darker shade of brown than me! Mind blown!

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