1. Wdym not talked about enough, what is there to talk about? She deserved it

  2. But if we do count 2009 then 2022 is the first year since 2009 in where the Son of Coul does not appear in any kind of MCU project.

  3. Wanda tortured 4000 people for a week (knowingly for like 4 days) and got away with it

  4. imo theres no 1 best episode. theres so many that are good for different reasons

  5. In hand to hand nat is 10% better (she lost to him in budapest but beat him in avengers, I mean he was mind controlled there so) but in anything else clint is better

  6. Iman's smile reminds me of my old classmate, they look identical

  7. A dark hold corrupted Scarlett Witch would smoke them all

  8. captain marvel would make a distraction while she's getting an axe 4 inches deep in her head

  9. I don't think she'll use that spell while being in hell

  10. Definetly worse, first 2 seasons were a disqualify for me, couldn't keep myself excited for the game when I got killed by someone just because they had an smg. Season 3 was great, pumps were better than the smgs and it was summer so a lot of playtime and no stress. Season 4 is meh, weird shotgun meta.

  11. Simple, make ow1 players still have them, but without any ow2 skins in them. They'll end once you unlock all of ow1's skins. The main reason I bought ow1 back in 2018 was seeing youtubers do big lootboxes openings, and I wanted to try it myself. Then they took them away lol. That's not what I paid for and I want it back.

  12. Is it on a jamie vardy obliterating an lgbtq corner flag video

  13. Nope it was just for kiriko to try to stop the backlash

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