1. The notes to Kreutzer aren't all that difficult. But your rep seems to be lacking in sonata rep, and Kreutzer is more difficult to put together than other sonatas.

  2. Virgin Sabaton Fan: "PRIMO VICTORIA"

  3. This guy seems like he heard about NoFap on some scammy self improvement podcast then tried to explain it to Darcey. Man out here claiming he can travel dimensions lol.

  4. When someone without kids wanders into a "mom's" subreddit:

  5. How do you make carnitas? I put it in the crockpot, shred, and then fry it up in the juices when it’s done cooking. But I’m a classless juerita, so what do I know :)

  6. Lol you know those tubs of lard you see in the baking aisle that you think "damn...who needs that much lard?"

  7. If $800 is life changing money, I'd advise not spending it on booze.

  8. I don't understand how this whataboutism is in any way related

  9. It's not "whataboutism". It's an example of a positive change in musical convention.

  10. Perhaps I worded it poorly. The reasoning of the convention makes it MORE stupid. It's already stupid in its own right.

  11. It's not unrelated. You're confusing "whataboutism" with "dumb logic".

  12. Pernambuco for a musician is currently safe, as is the maple, rosewood, and ebony in the violin fittings.

  13. But he "took friends to Venice!" and the waiter refused to provide Parmesan, didn't you read his thoroughly authentic story?

  14. The city, particularly the pension, is underfunded. Democrats pay for it by raising taxes. Republicans pay for it by cutting funding to social programs. I’d prefer to pay more in taxes than underfund crucial city programs. Which one do you think Vallas will do?

  15. Frankly my expectation is that both candidates will kick the can as far as possible.

  16. I feel like the evolution and volume of life on our planet completely debunks this lol

  17. How many pounds of food and water do you eat per day vs how many pounds do you eliminate through respiration, peepee, and poopoo?

  18. Is the public subsidizing these air taxis, or is United paying for their development and implementation? If there’s no public money funding the program, I’m not sure why a cost comparison to improving CTA infrastructure is relevant.

  19. During the pandemic, United was bailed out to the tune of $5 billion.

  20. Do you actually know if there’s a connection between those federal subsidies and this program (which is genuine question - I haven’t heard of any, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist)? If not, the comparative analysis between the cost of this program and improving CTA infrastructure is still irrelevant, because they’re completely unrelated - this program being implemented would not be taking away funding from the CTA, and cancelling the program would not provide money to the CTA.

  21. I feel bad for this Jeff dude, but “social media influencer” should not be a career. At least not named like that - you’re a shill, for hire, own it.

  22. "influencer" in this case is shorthand for "fuck buddy on retainer".

  23. No Brazilians on this list is crazy.

  24. I think lorne armstrong is overrated I don't know why so many people seem to like him. Am I just missing something?

  25. He just generates the most content because he pokes back when trolled instead dif just trying to hide.

  26. For ube (as well as yams, pumpkins, that Japanese thing), you want to par boil them, then roast them low and slow to bring out the flavor.

  27. How would you define slow n low? 375* F for 40 min, or.....?

  28. Until they become soft and aromatic :)

  29. How many times have you ever heard some say "I like Bruch" and take it to mean Bruch 3?

  30. They've been piloting it in Binnys for a few months now.

  31. Fuck off with that pricing. I can’t believe people pay that

  32. Yeah. I feel like I generally work a good job and have good disposable income, but the craft beer world seems determined to price me out.

  33. I wish Brahms wrote more [EVERYTHING]

  34. Well actually they've been there for quite some time.

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