1. I guarantee this guy regularly tries to suck his own dick

  2. good, cause this game was mid at best I'm sick of everyone talking about it, talk about some good games instead

  3. Think about the degree of societal stagnation over the past 10,000 years.

  4. True, but in warcraft even back then NElfs were already pretty advanced civilization with history and shit, so 10k years of little to no history is just lame

  5. Give us Season of Vanilla, where the max level is capped and slowly increases by increments of 10 per month

  6. nah they are not afraid of gays they are afraid of the law that prohibits killing people

  7. My pinky toe hurts just from seeing this

  8. do you trust that they are not installing anything invasive? I dont

  9. Do you trust that any addon installer is not installing anything invasive? Do you trust that your addons don't have built-in spy stuff? Do you trust that the wow client is not selling your data to China? Do you trust that Microsoft doesn't ship spyware with updates? Do you trust that your ISP doesn't share your data with third parties? Do you trust that your motherboard's BIOS is not modified to log and upload all your information to remote servers? Do you trust that this life is not a simulation?

  10. that's why they Americanised English, maybe kick out some letters and do the same with Spanish?

  11. Imagine if this is a long game by Valve and they are going to release the 3rd part of every game in one day. 17th august 2026 gonna be epic.

  12. "So that's it? I just catch luggage?"

  13. I have one slotted screwdriver and one little saw, and that is all I need to unscrew anything

  14. Master oogway has made it to reddit shitposting,

  15. his oogway parts were good, but all that edgy n word skits with that black guy he just became annoying

  16. бля думал будет напас лавандос под бит, а тут немного другое)

  17. Sadly, some parts of the world will keep the average that way if not lower it :(

  18. Овсяные печеньки - лучшие печеньки. Кто считает иначе пусть грызёт орео всухую без молока.

  19. Творожное печенье лучше

  20. Actually moon light is sun light anyway. Buff regen during day.

  21. Истину глаголите, достопочтенный.

  22. Блять, Саныч, опять кто-то их клетку запереть забыл

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