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  1. Unfortunately, all the added trauma you're subjecting yourself to only makes it more likely that you will turn out exactly like him when you grow up.

  2. Nah its a coin flip. You either do grow up like him or you become the nicest person ever

  3. Chromes Ult is simultaneously the shittiest and coolest ult in the game

  4. I personally run a 3M Bridgespam deck with them. 3M, Rascals, Ebarbs, Collector, Delivery, Ghost, Heal Spirit and Ice Golem

  5. “Im banishing you to the shadow realm”

  6. Bro got the Thomas the Tank Engine skin color

  7. This upsets me to watch as that is exactly how my father died...with his throbbin member stuck in a train door. We still don't know where his body is.

  8. The same gen where they managed to actually have a good, healthy and balanced Steel/Fairy

  9. Oh this comic! The original is actually really funny and I liked it but for some reason, it's posted and then removed by Reddit on

  10. Its not an easy convo to have. “Hey i was dropping a deuce and scrolling Reddit when my absolute unit of an ass destroyed your toilet seat. Im as surprised as you. Turkey ready?”

  11. You can make it worst by repeating it constantly in a row!

  12. As a user of Tinkaton I may be biased here but I feel its less of an "it's shit" situation and more of a "one trick pony" situation.

  13. Or use it as a tanky stealth rock user since it's also really good with that because of its bulk

  14. I am so conflicted rn on how I should about this BHJ

  15. Danganronpa reference on the Thomas sub is not something I expected today

  16. It's been awhile since I played ICEY on mobile but I'm pretty sure it tells you that you can hold a button to do a screen wide charge attack or something. Could be wrong because like I said, I hadn't played this game in a hot minute


  18. Reminds me when I dreamt a girl I talked before but never got to really talk to again afterwards lying on my shoulder before I lightly laid my head on her head. She immediately backs up, blushes and she slowy relaid her head on my shoulder and then I laid on her head

  19. I still don't get what makes someone the most ungodly body horror to trains. Twice

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