I saw 192 movies in theaters in 2019. Here is my full ranking.

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  1. Thanks for this list!!! I enjoyed the hell out of your 2019 list, and it turned me on to Monos, which I agree was absolutely phenomenal. Looking forward to exploring this list!

  2. I'd definitely go with Murina from 2021. You really have to be a fan of slow-burn movies to like it though, and it's really a "more about the journey than the destination" movie, but I loved it.

  3. What movies from your list would you recommend for someone looking for a good comedy?

  4. Honestly, there's not much comedy in there. I'd go with Don't Look Up but it's definitely not a wide appeal comedy.

  5. Four Lions, The Death of Stalin, The Hangover.

  6. Yup! The used and abused her, so now let’s celebrate that by idolizing the movie she was exploited to make and have some reach people exchange money and probably do something weird with the outfit

  7. That being said, a million bucks going to a school's (probably underfunded) drama department is better than a dress rotting away in a bag though. At that point, who cares what some mega-rich dude does with a random piece of movie memorabilia?

  8. Crazy talk. Next you're going to insist more than one Coke Freestyle machine is actually functioning at any given time, AND has more than half the syrups stocked.

  9. Coke Freestyle machines are the McDonalds ice cream machines of the movie theater world.

  10. Moonstruck not at number 1. List disqualified.

  11. The reviews bashing Bright were some of the funniest ever, shame we'll be robbed of that for part 2.

  12. The camera holding on Javi's super dramatic "Go!" was hilarious -- and his little peek around the wall and surprise at seeing Nic haha

  13. I know this is a super late reply but I'm interested: would you mind sharing how much you got it for?

  14. 15 times so far this year, looking to start going a bit more.

  15. Wow! which is your favorite movie out of those?

  16. Only he can return to defeat the chanma50

  17. the Karmawhore Retirement Home™ is pretty nice, actually. we get pudding on Wednesdays.

  18. I would highly recommend Wendy & Lucy from them.

  19. I love Raw and am still waiting for my DotD box to arrive. I think it was Raw that triggered a certain reaction out of me. Wasn't it in this movie where she pulls hair out of her mouth in a bathroom stall? I've had a recurring dream where I'm pulling endless amounts of hair out of my mouth and it certainly triggered me.

  20. I have the same kind of recurring dream, except that it's grass instead of hair.

  21. They probably didn't have distribution rights at the time this came out, plus this was probably in the works before Shoplifters even released.

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