1. Sounds like the girl is flexing having a lot of kinks from the top of the screenshot. That's cringe

  2. This might be good for people as long as they can separate vr from reality

  3. I almost thought there was nothing wrong with the video

  4. I thought it meant angry Redditor with their age following behind.

  5. Causes usually beyond your control, i.e hitting them on something, getting hit by something, tooth decay, bruxism, so there’s not really anything wrong with it

  6. There is something wrong if it's caused by tooth decay, it ain't hard to do basic hygiene.

  7. I used the correct one but my only problem, as you already said, is that I didn't clearly delineate the change. You said the Issue i noticed but much better

  8. It's when someone walks on the heel of their foot because their toes touched something gross to reduce spreading said grossness.

  9. People who are now promoting to acceptance movement are promoting not acceptable or good things.

  10. You act like the world is so much different. It's the same we just have videos to show people now.

  11. Ahem....... BONBON! WE’VE FOUND A CRINGEPOST ON REDDIT! Bonbon: (looks) oh, th-that’s nice Freddy,.... DO YOU KNOW WHAT THAT MEEEAAAANNNSSS?? Bonbon: NO- WAIT NO.... GO GETTM

  12. Don't know why people even do this, it ain't even remotely funny

  13. Given the context of the comment it doesn’t seem weird at all. You just seem easily triggered.

  14. It was weird in it being unnecessary. All I did was ask a genuine question. Don't know where you got that I was pissed.

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