1. Wait aren’t cat eyes a shape of eyeliner not lashes lol

  2. She’s probably pretending to not know that so she can be like “it’s because I don’t wear makeup look at me I’m so special”

  3. 'It must be completed in three years' that's down to you love, but I'm dying to see the person who can work full time AND get a funded PhD - bless

  4. TBH the fully funded part is completely reasonable in many countries

  5. In France, at least in STEM, it is mandatory to be fully funded, and it must be completed in 3 years. Some students get grants for a fourth year but that's not the norm.

  6. I’m in STEM as well but I’m in the US so the average time in my field is 5-6 years. Our school agrees to fund you if your advisor is unable for up to 7 years

  7. Lol I know. Dad is from Houston so I'd thought he want that or Astro so glad I was wrong.

  8. After Astroworld, I don’t think they could have come back from that one. When that happened I lived a stone’s throw from nrg and heard screams from inside my apartment. Too much of a tragedy (tragedeigh?) for even tone deaf celebs to name him that. Aire is only slightly less terrible, but that’s one precious baby though!

  9. It was more guess from me. Because why change the name and then not say his name for almost a year? Alot of ppl had speculated too. She just didn't wanna because it would have been so bad. So like I said I'm so glad I was wrong.

  10. Oh I didn’t realize the name change was before that. That would have been terrible :(

  11. “Aren’t you the same women that” no, typically people who criticize one person for shitty behavior won’t be all “yas queen slay” when someone else does it

  12. I'm not sure if this is much comfort but getting scooped is kind of a myth and when it does happen it's rarely as bad as people think it will be.

  13. Yes! My PI always says “validated, not scooped.” I thought I was “scooped” my first year of my PhD but we ended up finding an amazing collaborator out of it, both groups got great papers, and it was exciting to see reproducibility on a pretty controversial topic.

  14. Molestocruz, Cheez Ded, Dan Allen, The dopey guy with sloped shoulders, Jerry waaaaay waaaay.

  15. The PDUFA for Wolin’s new cancer drug candidate, Iwillkissthematinib is coming up. Binary event. Going to YOLO on OTM calls.

  16. Apparently so, and then got mad about it because B&BW didn’t say it wasn’t for use on your skin 😐

  17. My best friend and I were discussing our favorite names if we have kids. Mine are below, thoughts? Hopefully nothing tragique Girl •Ramona •Miranda •Quincy •Rosalind •Elisa •Camille •Sylvia •Gwyneth •Petra •Cora

  18. Boys list is solid. I don’t love Malcolm, but I like the style of all of them. Elliott is my favorite. (One of my top boys names)

  19. Thanks for the input! I’m surprised though people here are against Petra as it’s a cultural name and a common one in my family.

  20. lmao you're getting downvoted when you're stating nothing but facts.

  21. I have no idea how you can read comments about children wearing innocuous clothes and immediately go to women not accepting “responsability” for men catcalling them

  22. And i have no idea how you cannot understand that, sometimes, women who get catcalled/sexually attacked, even though they are victims, can have some level of responsibility in what happens to them.

  23. You’re the one who said that people in these comments didn’t get that. The comments you were replying to were only made by myself and OP. both of us expressed the same sentiment. I’m not “delusional” to think you were talking about the comments you said you were referring to. Must be backtracking.

  24. Chasisity (pronounced chas-IS-city), Rainbeaux (yes I’m from Louisiana), and Aivah (Ava) are some of my favorite IRL encounters

  25. What a precious boy, I am glad double d had a long life with someone who loves him

  26. Must be nice for your public in-state schools to be UCs lmao

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