1. Muse*... I would have also accepted "meows"

  2. Why is this comment being slated? Lol

  3. I'll be back in Newry at the end of the week and I will wire into one of them. I remember working there when I was 15 and going on my lunch, filling a snack box full of chicken fillets and a large tub of super sauce 🀣

  4. This is a common trait among those with autism. Could this be possibility?

  5. Least - High Level as mainly buses and taxis.

  6. Technically it doesn't count as it's one way from Newcastle to Gateshead.

  7. It was in the list so it was fair game lol

  8. Excellent set of NFTs which I am proud to say I own. Vince Prince and the epic Prints! X

  9. Is there a way to contact GameStop and promote Vince to show them there is a demand and appreciation for Vince's work?

  10. I don't know if you are 20 with an horrendous receding hairline or whether you are a 50 year old sex offender who believes "women" means 12 year old boys.

  11. That swing and miss at the end was embarrassing.

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  13. Please file a report immediately. You are lucky you didn't fall and bang your head so hard your life changed forever. This POS will likely do this again so please speak to the police. Fuck that guy. Hope you are OK OP x

  14. Ct scans came back all good, jaw was broken in 2 places and shirt n shorts ruined. I have a surgery followup appt in some hours and police have been meeting me in my room when I go in because of the reality of the situation. 4hrs of surgery was slept through today

  15. Dude, it's good the police are there. You could always say "the doctors called the police due to the extent of the injury and when they questioned me I told the truth of what I remember. The pain medication I was on was so strong I didn't even realise I was talking to the police." just incase your attacker brings it up with you in the future.

  16. Set alarms through the night for feeds. Our daughter is 9 weeks old and our first. As long as baby is sleeping on her back in a next-to-me cot or a loses basket then she should be fine and you should sleep. If she is hungry enough, she will wake you no problem lol we took turns doing the night feeds every couple of hours but eventually stopped setting alarms as we would each hear her getting restless so we were able to wake up. The old saying "sleep when baby sleeps" rings true as well.

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  20. I don't think Islam is the problem. Its the individuals.

  21. Your mums reaction should not weigh in to the decision of you receiving help.

  22. My friend is 34 and he started skating. Absolutely loves it and is improving very fast. Never too late.

  23. As a mortgage broker, don't fuck about about with ridiculously low offers. If you like the house, have checked the prices of recent sales in the area and you are willing to pay asking and can afford to do so, then do it. Put the full asking price down and ask to have the house taken off the market immediately.

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