Dad finds out his anonymous kidney donor is his daughter

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  1. I know everyone has already said citruses are mast cell liberators, but I just wanted to add, citrus was actually the first thing I ever knew I was allergic to.

  2. MCAS diagnosed here — my doctor and nutritionists recommended I do a high protein, low carb diet, I’ve noticed a huge improvement. Carbs tend to make my stomach hurt so badly to the point I can’t think or do anything. I’m on cromolyn, famotidine, and montelukast which help my reactions to most other things, but dropping carbs was one of the most useful diet changes I’ve made. I take probiotics and all too, but carbs never settle right in my stomach

  3. I can feel his grief, guilt, and pain. I understand why she would want to give her dad one of her kidneys, but it’s also heartbreaking to see his reaction. He clearly didn’t want this for her.

  4. You might be a properly adequate anesthetist, but this seems plausible to me. There are more inept doctors than people realize. I’ve been chronically sick most of my life, and have encountered quite a few, including 1) a doctor who said my ankle pain was just from being fat and putting too much pressure on it. I had a history of frequent ankle breaks, and after seeing another doc, it turned out I had a broken os trigonum that needed to be surgically removed. 2) a gastroenterologist who refused to do anything for nutrition maintenance for me until after I had lost 100lbs from not being able to keep food down in less than a year and was too weak to even walk, let alone work anymore. 3) a urologist who told me I just had a UTI from the “pesky bacteria in my pesky vagina” (culture was negative) and turned to my fiancé and said he’d more concerned if he presented with blood, protein, leukocytes, and ketones in urine. 4) an ER doc who refused to do an EKG on me despite presenting after having vomited 12 times in an hour, chest pain, migraine and I have stage 2 hypertension and a history of having been in AFib w/ RVR. I’m mid 20s btw.

  5. i mean i can understand becoming one, i won’t knock anyone for that. but just dating them, kinda like dating a celebrity. i just don’t see why that’s a goal to some 🤷🏻‍♀️

  6. As a kid or teenager, sometimes it’s hard to process that there even could be any cons to dating a celebrity. You can’t process the time commitment that goes into making content/working, the pressure from paparazzi and social media, or the fact that the celebrity probably doesn’t act the same when the cameras are off.

  7. It’s not, but both have lactose and casein and a milk allergy is drastically more serious than lactose intolerance

  8. Theres no lactose in breastmilk. You'll be fine.

  9. There is absolutely lactose in breast milk, as well as casein. A milk allergy is not the same as lactose intolerance

  10. My anxiety got a little worse as I was started montelukast, but it leveled back out within a few weeks. If I forget to take it though, I get extremely anxious and depressed the next day

  11. Very late to this, and will probably get buried, but as someone with tons of food allergies and restrictions, I think what you did for Becca was incredibly thoughtful. Tons of people “forget” how bad my allergies can be, even though I’ve been in the hospital so much, and I feel really grateful when people put in the effort to make or get something I can eat too. Would I like to eat the same thing as everyone else? Of course. Do I expect you to make 2 completely separate batches of everything with completely different recipes and be stressed you’ll use the wrong spoon? No. I’m surprised they don’t understand the difficulties of what they were expecting either. NTA.

  12. I had just gotten a nasojejunal feeding tube a few days before, and he didn’t make me feel like a freak for it. He was incredibly patient with me

  13. I know someone that claims to have hypermobile joints, not sure if they claim to have ED specifically or not.

  14. The sad thing is, a lot of those can be comorbidities with EDS, but they’re also all just as easy to fake or just as popular to self diagnose. Growing up with chronic illness can be incredibly traumatic and cause mood and personality disorders, but for whatever fucking reason, people also think it’s cute or cool or funny to mimic people truly struggling

  15. It could be twisting the meaning HP wanted it to have with pwbpd’s victim-mentality’s meaning staged as it’s replacement meaning. “Poor me, I try to tell the truth, but then I receive upsetting reactions when I do.”

  16. This was so sweet and thoughtful! I have to get ready for work, but I’ll be back later to make a better response 💕

  17. Health Potion has been added to your inventory for 50g! (Your remaining gold: 237)

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