meu amigo come a própria tia

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should I build a meth lab for dye trader?

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  1. Woah, that's awesome! Did you draw the fragments by hand?

  2. The saber does not ignite or retract smoothly. There seems to be some discolouration when you do both too.

  3. This might sound silly, but have you tried charging it? Some sabers get a little buggy as their battery level decreases.

  4. Unless you're American. Where 18 is an adult. Yet can't make an adult decision and drink alcohol.

  5. Ahh, the land of the free... The place where you can conduct the metal box of death at 16, can go die in a foreign land at 18, but can only drink the feel-funny juice at 21.

  6. Kkkk, na verdade não é bem assim. É mesma coisa de falar que o que te faz um medido é usar jaleco e frequentar hospital. E um homem pode dar o cú sem ser gay.

  7. Ahhh, pois não se engane, meu caro. O governo Bolsonaro é extremamente eficiente no que faz. A intenção deles sempre foi empobrecer a população. Reduziu-se os direitos do trabalhador através da terceirização de empregos, ao mesmo tempo que o salário mínimo não acompanha a inflação, ou seja, caiu o poder de compra. Esse é o sonho dos grandes empresários; muitos deles nunca estiveram tão ricos.

  8. Maybe she did. Maybe the two crispy critters in ANH are just a couple of Stormtroopers that almost escaped the slaughter, and they took the ship to try and find Luke. They miss catching him back on the homestead, but they figure he might go to Mos Eisley since it is the closest major settlement. The couple stashes the shuttle and head on over. They pay a few people in a some of the seedier cantinas on the off chance of getting some info, when they hear a story about an old man "disarming" an Aqualish with a lightsaber.

  9. Não e educado ficar no celular quando se está na mesa com outras pessoas.

  10. Vdd, se o OP não ficasse tanto no celular, o amigo comia ele ao invés da tia...

  11. I disagree, cats are always extremely interesting


  13. If everyone in the friend group is queer except for you, everyone in the friend group is queer. -somenody, probably

  14. Fr, I once thought I was the straight friend too lol

  15. Ph'nglui mglw'nafh Garfield R'lyeh wgah'nagl fhtagn

  16. I'm sure the petrol and automotive giants smile in delight whenever they see congested highways and parking lots blanketed with cars knowing that their lobbying made it possible.

  17. Yeah for sure. And the prominence of cars in american society in general is one of the scariest consequences of the individualistic nature of capitalism imo. Like... Who actually lives in a city? Us or the cars? Idk how some people don't see the problem in this situation, honestly.

  18. Pra ser honesto, acho o Vargas uma figura muito interessante não por causa da ideologia dele mas sim por cause do sucesso político. O cara basicamente determinou o curso de um país inteiro por anos e muitas das políticas dele vigoram até hoje. Você pode até discordar dele politicamente ou condenar ele por ser um ditador (algo que as pessoas esquecem as vezes) mas não dá pra não admirar um pouco um cara que tornou a própria morte em um ato político.

  19. Mano... O cara virou ditador e dps AINDA CONSEGUIU SE REELEGER DEMOCRATICAMENTE. Isso explicita um pouco a burrice do povo? Talvez, mas certamente torna a história dele mais interessante kk

  20. como alguem que ta jogando na intençao de fazer um menage com a yen e a triss, devo concordar

  21. N darei spoilers, mas tem um final especial se vc paquerar as duas msm rsrsrs

  22. They didn't keep the socks on during sex. There is no going back now

  23. Ok, so, please take everything I say with a grain of salt, because I'm not a physicist, but entropy is basically the degree of disorder in a given place or situation. When I say "place or situation" it could mean anything from just a few atoms interacting with one another to the whole universe.

  24. If you fulfill the other recommended specs, it will run just fine.

  25. Nothing you read on the internet is true, thankfully.

  26. Wait a minute, but if I read your comment on the internet...

  27. No, because she is "tHe WoMaN oF tHe HoUsE" and is supposed to take care of everything while he just sits on his butt and watches. I bet he is one of those guys...

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