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  1. Can't have a life here, can't have a life in another country. As long as we make your cloths and your tea, we are forced to stay in our slave camps.

  2. i bet you leave your radar on....

  3. As a Canadian, I wouldn't even go to the United States to join a protest, regardless of the cause.

  4. she was just walking around with a camera as far as i could remember

  5. I'd like to imagine that they were engaged in a high speed hot pursuit.

  6. came in from behind their base, they took some time to notice in a 10v10.

  7. red dragon has the scale right, which i like


  9. You're wrong he only banned chemical. You can see so many articles about the government importing Chinese organic fertilizer and never using it because it didn't meet their standards

  10. Dude i'm from sri lanka, he banned both.

  11. They still imported liquid organic fertilizer from India

  12. yeah it was liquid urea and was mostly a scam.

  13. please get back to this! mine is intj and i've been struggling a lot with this

  14. He is temporary till the president is elected.

  15. Trees won't save you from these heatwaves with high humidity

  16. they will definitely help. humidity + sunlight is a lot more intense than just humidity.

  17. you can't survive more than a few hours at 35C at 100% humidity

  18. Drink tea, drinking coffee for it is oike drinking more beer to get rid of a hangover.

  19. I think it was staged and she has perfect accuracy

  20. Stole half of the countries' wealth in 3 years

  21. I'm sure he atleast a couple of billion dollars, he's fine

  22. Sri Lanka was a self sustaining country by their food production.

  23. It wasn't this guy, this guy came in to fill that guys seat when he was forced to run.

  24. There are democratic socialists in sri lanka. No ine listen to communist socialists in sri lanka.

  25. For those who are saying "well it may not be a monk" you might be right, it is pretty easy to buy monks robes, there are literal stores and businesses that go back to the 1800s in places like Thailand and Sri Lanka that make and sell monks robes for the laity to donate to monks.

  26. They are probably with the Communist parties in universities.

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