1. Incubators are mostly waste of time. Especially those with" structured programs". I.e. trying to teach entrepreneurship.

  2. Small caps aren't risky. Investing in something you don't understand or didn't research in depth is risky.

  3. How can an investor receive profit/revenue without having equity?

  4. If you are part owner (equity investor), you are entitled to whatever % profit that responds to the ownership stake you have of the business.

  5. Insurance company can owe more than the float. It's totally due to how much risk a company takes when writing the insurance policy.

  6. I don’t think insurance companies can go bankrupt, they get taken over by state regulators

  7. Yes, good moats will be reflected in the financial statements. Just use the financial statements as a guide to quantify the moat.,

  8. Perpetuity growth is an infinite series (infinite sum). This is a mathematical formulation that can be simplified to the equation given for TV.

  9. Not comparable at all. China would never do what Russia did. It would be economic suicide. The CCP relies on a growing economy to stay in power as opposed to Putin. Putin relies on cultural memory to stay in power. The CCP can only justify its existence so long as the population is kept happy via a growing economy.

  10. Why do you think you are an expert in geopolitics and authoritarianism? Why do you think you know the behavior of Xi and Putin so well?

  11. Don't do lecture style programs. Make it into a hands-on project. Lemonad stand, grass clipping, etc. and run it like a business with income statement, balance sheet and cashflow statement.

  12. I made my first million USD when I was 16, so I had a small celebration as I never knew that was remotely possible and as a 16 year I wanted to show off. My parents took home less than $20k a year.

  13. Understand the concept of WACC and recognize that equity is more expensive than debt even if the equity belongs to you.

  14. I calculate everything as EV and then subtract from EV everything but equity (including cash).

  15. I mean, the main purpose for their existence was blown to shit by COVID, that seems like a really smart business decision

  16. Except that the staff in a Shisha Bar is not qualified medical professionals and that they got shut down by the police soon after as what they were doing was fraudulent (i.e not taking the task / work seriously)

  17. They should have just done a good job and made their money! That's so dumb of them. Glad they got caught though. Just goes to show you can't rely on everyone to act rationally / in self interest in this world.

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