1. It's strange as I always saw DG as a defensive stock for downturns...

  2. When people are feeling the financial squeeze they turn to budget retailers like Wal-Mart and Dollar Stores.

  3. And you think those who swap "down" is large enough to drive meaningful revenue? What about those who already use Dollar Stores as their main retailer, even when times are good?

  4. To my dismay, I really don't think the market gives a rat's behind about fundamentals anymore.

  5. Interesting that Costco as a retailer is favored by Munger while he stated clearly that Alibaba (Another retailer) was the "biggest mistake of his life"

  6. Mate please help me get a 38% return

  7. They can’t pay it back. Their plan is to inflate it away.

  8. And no, I didn’t start with 200k, before someone chimes in with the inevitable 😆

  9. 20% over a 5 year period is pretty bad. If Warren buffet were in our shoes and he had a smaller investment account, I don’t think he would invest in Markel.

  10. I'm interested to know more. Are you doing Lean/Coast/BaristaFIRE?

  11. Chipmakers are a very capital intensive business and have to reinvest the profits back into the business and as Intel found out if they're wrong about feeding more and more money into the business, the profitability will deteriorate. As Buffett has said something to the effect "Microsoft and Google don't require much capital to run...they have royalty streams on users similar to Coca-Cola having a royalty stream on each serving of Coca -Cola sold... that's why we prefer companies that are asset light and aren't capital intensive "

  12. It's just as easy to buy a company below intrinsic value only to watch its intrinsic value fall to match its price. So what's your point?

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