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  1. Remember to keep composure when hearing an answer that doesn't sit good with you. Kids can also pick up a reaction that benefits them and then they'll tell you similar things just bc you react strongly to that type of behavior. Then you'll never know what the truth may be.

  2. That's the kind of place where that six-year-old who shot his teacher should be in.

  3. Goodluck with that......I'm not telling you. That's the response I get.

  4. They're not real, what do you think the outcome would be..

  5. Wait, selling shares you never owned is illegal? Didn't a top tier hedgefund manager do this?

  6. This is like me getting a $25 dollar parking ticket. I pay it, forget itand move on... probably would even park in the same space again

  7. Wow. Who would have thought that the most generous people in the world were the 1 percent? Bless them. 🙌

  8. My friend has a rich well connected dad. He was excited cause a billionaire came to his wedding and figured he’d get a baller gift(the guy owns a professional sports team). He gave them a $20 cookie sheet. They don’t become billionaires by giving money away!

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