How social media and the MSM have responded to current events

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Killers of Ahmaud Arbery Found Guilty Of Murder

Did somebody say 'Murica?

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  1. I'm shocked they have the resolve to take this stand. Perhaps pockets of of academia can indeed survive wokism.

  2. Let's not get carried away. They probably just don't want to get sued.

  3. Fair point in these trying times. 👍

  4. you are when a medical facility is afraid to show its documents and you think that's okay

  5. Finally rubbed those 2 brain cells together for a bit huh? Imagine what you get with 3!

  6. I think you're being pretty generous with 2. Let's not get carried away!

  7. Fox News didn't report that Rittenhouse killed black dudes. What have they done that was anywhere near that outlandish?

  8. You can't be funny when you're too scared of offending everyone.

  9. Just tell them that you are good for it and the next one will double his money, so there's no need to worry.

  10. You just submit an official "I owe you" scribbled on a napkin and sent in via USPS.

  11. I think they should start giving people tattoos with each shot, so we can easily tell how stupid someone is at a glance.

  12. Trump is in a club, and you ain't in it. The sooner you realize that the better.

  13. Wait you mean I'm not in the club with all the billionaires and politicians? My whole world view has been shattered! 🤯

  14. You should have realized that years ago, but better late than never.

  15. Nope, we all missed it. Because it's the same 'evidence' they teach to all of us. Yet some of us remain skeptical and think the evidence is circumstantial at best.

  16. Do you have an alternative theory? Pls don't say religion.

  17. You don't have to have an alternative theory.

  18. I was just wondering if there was something he found more plausible.

  19. Please don't recommend against it, unless the person has no expendable income. You will be making a good amount more in the future simply for having a degree.

  20. No one cares if you have a BS degree down the line. Certs and experience are what is desired. It's not worth going into debt for a degree in IT fields.

  21. Depending on the debt, it is. Especially higher end contractors, many times the customer requires them as part of the contract to have a BS or MS. You'll be competing with all the others with no degree if all you have our certs, and many outsiders from India and other places do the exact same thing. You'll be competing with them.

  22. It's really not. I can't speak for MSPs but everyone in hiring positions for companies tell me experience and certs > college. IT degrees really tell you nothing about someone's ability. And universities are prohibitively expensive.

  23. It's looking bleak for those of us that got swindled into getting it...

  24. All the signs were there. As hard as they were trying to force it down your throat, you should have seen the red flags.

  25. For the most part, this tells us what we already know. That for a short time post 2nd vaccine there is a small (25%) risk of inflammation of the heart. How many people have died from this vs COVID? I think your definition of “dam breaking” may need to be re-examined.

  26. Uh, 25% is definitely not a small risk my dude.

  27. Right? They crow on and on about how Kyle brought a gun to a "protest" - no, you fuckwads, he brought a gun to a riot. To a chaotic, destructive scene where psychos were setting fires, looting, tearing down businesses and beating the shit out of each other.

  28. For 3 days in a row with the government blatantly doing next to nothing to put a stop to it.

  29. Yep, they are definitely complicit.

  30. Further towards right, not center. US has a right-wing party and a far-right party. They're both pretty far from center.

  31. I mean, the left is the exact same though. You have a left-wing party and a far-left party.

  32. Biden’s lowest polls are still better than any of Traitor Trump’s.

  33. They'll just ignore it and move on the next dumbass story.

  34. I’m 100% positive that BLM and pathetic liberals/leftists will be marching and upset over this needless killing…right?

  35. Oh yea, they are definitely organizing right now. /s

  36. Or they need a new pair of Nikes.

  37. It's just the way our world communicates.

  38. These companies are the main way our society communicates today but "iT's JuSt A pRiVaTe CoMpAnY!"

  39. Meanwhile encouraging burning and looting isn't in their eyes... Sad

  40. Truly a joke how crooked and slanted these social media fuckwit companies are.

  41. Gee who could have seen that coming? /s

  42. I would love to see the Fox guy (Peter?) play the video on a tablet to her, then casually ask if she'd like to retract her lie.

  43. Reportedly they were yelling they hoped his kid would die and crap. Agree it’s not a broadway show and guys get paid plenty to put up with crowds. At the end of the day, they are little different than trained circus performers.

  44. Don't believe that shit until you see a video or something. Probably PR spin so he doesn't look like a giant pussy.

  45. According to other articles they said they hoped his son died in a car crash.

  46. Eh I don't know. One of the accounts was something like "my friend was sitting behind and several seats over from them and he says this is what happened". The other was a YouTuber or something?

  47. Lol yes it does, but it doesn't matter. Even if it hadn't occurred, it's still a huge problem that they're making so much money with zero responsibility should it negatively affect people.

  48. That just makes those people seem even more heinous and crooked in my eyes. It's like they were grasping at absolutely anything they could find to paint him guilty. They had no interest in whether he actually defended his life, which is my whole point. They wanted to see him forfeit the rest of his life either way.

  49. Consider that some of those personalities may be black propaganda, meaning they are willfully misrepresenting conservatives with intentionally offensive and stupid opinions.

  50. This 100%. Normal people don't realize or understand the extent of bad actors and bots on social media.

  51. Conservative Muslim Comedian Hates Gay People. What a fucking surprise.

  52. You think Chappelle is a conservative? LMAO

  53. He touched on how DaBaby killed a guy at Walmart and wasn’t cancelled. Yet when he went and said something insensitive to Trans people, everyone went mental and lost their shit.

  54. No one cares about a black person being murdered unless it's by a white man or a cop. Sad to see.

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