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  1. Why is it always a result of male genital size for bad drivers. Lifted truck, small dick. Bad Tesla driver, small dick. Bmw/Audi small dick. Loud car, small dick. Loud Motorcycle, small dick.

  2. Hmmm I drive a SMART fourtwo what does that say about me as a driver?

  3. Do you trip over it walking? Does it also function as a speed bump for the car?

  4. More virtue signaling from the Liberals. The people affected by this can easily register these assets elsewhere... SMH

  5. I was thinking of changing the transmission fluid and differential fluid about one year ago. Mechanic told me its never been opened, no leaks and no reason to change it. I also heard same thing you’re talking about changing the fluid might cause problems because the vehicle is already accustomed to it. If it ain’t broken I ain’t changing nothing. I had the car since 220k and all 83k miles is from towing cars, it’s my work truck.

  6. Opening an engine or driveline is like surgery, it should bee avoided so you minimize the chance of accidentally introducing defects.

  7. I believe the monorim motor is more bang for buck than the OEM one.

  8. Those 2 and 4 throw H frames are sewing machines! They have been very reliable. All of them have actually with a few issues here and there.

  9. I try and stay away from 2 throws as a rule but if I need to use one then it needs to be below 400HP otherwise your sewing machine turns into a vibrator

  10. Biggest two throw I've seen was a D frame hooked to a 3606. Never worked on it though. Not a very common setup. Most everything out here are 4 throws. 6 are becoming more common as packages get bigger

  11. Nope, it's a newbuild put into service in October last year. Reliq is there, but it doesn't mean that we don't use some of the stuff as fuel. As I said, the amount really is negligible.

  12. This is what I thought. Even after the consumption for those engines there would still bee excess gas that could potentially need re-liquification but I would imagine that would be dependent on conditions.

  13. Don't they use flashed gas from the LNG they are carrying?

  14. For an island with no natural resource or minerals. Also might not even exist after 50 years when sea level rise lmao.

  15. Taiwan strait and South China sea have oil and gas. Not totally resource poor. The major issue, as mentioned before, is that China needs a distraction from it's own internal problems and TW is a good one.

  16. Poke them how? Why would poking them and causing a heightened risk of conflict be a good thing?

  17. Hands are waaaaay to big! The flag covering the groin seems appropriately small though.

  18. Sad. She was a pioneer in an already pioneering program. Tip of a long spear. Sad she's left us but what a legacy

  19. I wanted to put a face palm emoji but I couldn't. I should have added /s I guess.

  20. Not everything is meant to last forever. This is a consumable, whose regular replacement, assists in the longevity of the unit as a whole. Better to replace this than your furnace/AC.

  21. My entire job for a year in one of the companies listed in the article was to literally justify charging the city more and trying to get the most engineering work we could.

  22. Scope creep and scope change are pretty much par for the course on any major project.

  23. I wouldn't doubt this sub is a part of that misinformation campaign

  24. I'd prefer if the original damage control wasn't a complete lie about who sent the email and that they'd been removed from the company. It was clearly not true.

  25. That's where the continent tabs get inserted.

  26. LOL - These companies hemorrhage money in the down times and take on massive debt -

  27. Went with the surgeon. Thank you. FYI - They pricee match competitors and will book immediately if they have availability.

  28. Dog-strangling vine is an invasive perennial herbaceous plant in the milkweed family (Asclepiadaceae).

  29. At least CTV gives a more complete picture. I hate the CBC for click-bait articles like this that are clearly aimed at the feels and not the news.

  30. Looks like a tumbler lock, their pretty easy to pick.

  31. Looks right, saw him switch lanes over 10 times and not once did I see a turn signal.

  32. I've heard that BMW is actually going to treat signal lights the same as heated seats and make them a subscription!

  33. I run 275/55/R20 on a stock 2013 Limited and they're fine as well

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