1. So far persona 3 is my favorite persona game. The dialogue doesn't make me want to kill myself yet.

  2. It gets way better too, october onwards is the best portion in any persona game imo even if i like p4 more overall

  3. Every character yuri voices in p3 is a banger they made good choices for having him be

  4. This implies Teddie knows what sex is

  5. Probbz banned me from his channel and accused me of stream sniping after I killed him in a game. Dude was really easy to down as a m1 killer with half a braincell

  6. If you say anything along the lines of "i was the killer" he'll ban you

  7. Theres 3: 🏃‍♂️💉,🪓🇷🇺,👽🌻

  8. I Tried so Hard for a good bagon and dratini but didn't even get a 98% after 1500 Catches combined AMD hundreds of trades

  9. i got a 98% dratini but no good deino or bagon

  10. he murders women. i know this is haha funny fun jokes and it’s not real but he is a man who murders women. not just kills. but murders

  11. I thibk he woudlve murdered men too tbh

  12. Im p sure the clothing sprites are portable exclusive i dont remember them in FES

  13. They do exist in-game, that one is from when they go to Yakushima

  14. Im reffering to when they use the outfits in tartarus but i shouldve clarified, my bad

  15. wait until you see the youtube comments on time to make history

  16. Grats! I'm still hunting shiny buneary, but I finally raided out a shiny lopunny

  17. I got a shiny lopunny in the wild in may 2022 but not a good one whatsoeever, still need buneary

  18. I made this joke on twitter a yeqr ago and got one like give me my dignity back

  19. I mean how is he supposed to know the game explains something later if he hasnt played it b4, joes streams are best experienced blind imo and he turned me into a fucking weeb

  20. Mine has always worked, the sponsorblock broke a while ago but its back now

  21. /uj has there been any other Persona subs that have gotten banned?

  22. a marie one got deleted (not the main one) iirc there was another but idk

  23. Imagine liking that thing. Marie is the true “Kid Named Thing”

  24. Nah i think this will stay the same

  25. She does it once and ive seen it argued that it vaguely mirrors the end of the game

  26. when i played p3 i took a year irl to go from the start to September then played the rest over 4 days the start of p3 sucks balls

  27. i just destroyed most of the corruption with an 1000 block wide arena

  28. I got marill, ralts and togetic but no bagon or dratini

  29. scrolled down their history theyre literally 13 years old

  30. Gary is absolutely the mastermind out of this group

  31. happened to me often running throium/calamity/MoR/SoA/Elements Awoken/Spirit a year or two ago

  32. wait, no way! someone a few hundred years ago came up with a name for a phenomenon i've discovered that causes apple to fall down from a tree.

  33. You really think the person saying "plant and bird" type pokemon is serious?

  34. honestly feel as though sumire doesnt show that response to trauma for long enough and wish it had more development throughout the semester, it feels like the writers failed on that aspect and i cannot commend that aspect of her character in terms of dealing with truama when the writers did that exact thing way better throughout P3, and even in 4 with kanji being unable to find his own defintion of masculinity after losing his father figure and lacking guidance, conceptually i will agree she is one of the better characters in 5 but ultimately it falls kinda flat when shes a good and complex character for like 5 scenes and then the game doesnt really acknowledge it again until the final fight, i wouldn't even call sumire in the top 5 "best written characters " because some of the p4 and 3 cast have way more depth and id even argue royal akechi is deeper as a character than sumi is, shes good but nowhere near top imo

  35. Id rather use game FAQs unfortunately

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