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  1. Take this pill and you can go to the City of Light in the Series 100

  2. Well, this is partly on Apple for not letting them make a dedicated app.

  3. If he is using baclofen and gabapentin, my guess is he is familiar with this sub. He shouldn't be mixing them. If he goes the baclofen/gabapentin route, he should be giving up the phenibut entirely. Otherwise he is fucking himself. Especially if he is using them at all at once, his gaba levels are fucked, and that may be accounting for the "acting stupid" comment you made.

  4. the owner of telegram is paying literally billions in costs. he's done it out of his own pocket. I'm a huge supporter of Telegram but you have to look at the big picture. I use Google Camera and Google Photos (without network access, for features like editing) but backup to filen_io for everything.

  5. They have to be making money somehow, I can't believe telegram is being altruistic for the greater good with expenses like that. Makes me think they are bankrolled by the CIA.

  6. This happens to me with quick resume. To fix it, I quit PUBG and then reopen it and it asks me who I am again and then it reconnects to the lobby and works. I've occasionally had to restart my series x to get it to work.

  7. You have to change the OMV ports to something else and let SWAG have 80 and 443, otherwise the http challenge will fail. Then you can set OMV through SWAG (Nginx proxy).

  8. A few firmware updates back, they broke Bluetooth on my One X controller. I can’t use it with my PC or an 8bitdo adapter now. It now only works with a Xbox.

  9. The OMV downloadable releases that you burn to a USB install do include debian 10 (OMV5) and debian 11 (OMV6) for x86 machines.

  10. Yes, but since I have already Debian installed is it possible to simply install OMV on top of it? It worked yesterday and looks like supported scenario, so that's why I am bothered by this error coming up.

  11. Imagine being scared of the vaccine that is 1/10,000th as dangerous and reduces mortality risk by a factor of ten.

  12. What if I don't think anything about the vaccine other than the fact I don't want it? Not out of fear, I simply just don't want it.

  13. I personally don’t give much a damn about whether or someone chooses to get vaxxed. The bigger issues to me here is the lunacy of his logic… “You are a pussy if you don’t get vaxxed because other people besides me fought in wars before” isn’t exactly an appeal to emotion that I think most sane people would respond to.

  14. Yep those bullet dodging people had spines but needle dodgers don't? Both are an attack one is defending from.

  15. It is still there and I can access and post, although there seems to be next to no new posts for the last 8 hours

  16. Looks like that fella was even more stoned

  17. Lol yep or was tweaking and couldn't figure out what button to push, I bet he/she was kicking themselves afterwards lol

  18. It’s closer to an army, ya. I don’t imagine Florida would attack other states, but rather would fight to defend the things I would like to fight to defend

  19. I agree and think the name help gives it away --- "guard" as in defend

  20. That was my first hand interpretation

  21. I think you can do it either way from what I understand.

  22. The side loaded app launches but never gets past the login screen on Xbox app. I think because it's trying to use Google play services which aren't on the Oculus.

  23. Get some auto flowering seeds from Netherlands and grow in your closets!!!

  24. lol, I downvoted them to help their cause. I liked the content though.

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