1. I know the amd gpus are supposed to be pretty decent this time around but I'm a sucker for the other side.

  2. This will definitely get the job done. Its nothing special with what is out today but it is still more than enough. Especially if you are on 1080 144 monitor. Are you building yourself or buying prebuilt though? Prices are finally back in a place where building is cheaper

  3. You can get the same gpu for about $70 less on the EVGA website. plus as others have mentioned slightly better cpu/mobo would not hurt. and you need a case and cpu cooler. I would recommend AMD cpu for this generation they are better and cheaper.

  4. ah darn. they probably already posted there anyways. Thanks though

  5. I was waiting for the cat to notice you and then immediately fall through into the water as if you weren't supposed to see this.

  6. That’s really interesting! Did you keep in touch after that?

  7. I had something similar happen with me years ago with MySpace and this girl i didn't even know her it would keep sending us friend requests for each other and we would keep clicking no until one day we found each other in an mmorpg and now we are friends

  8. Actually leads me to another story I have. Way back when my buddy wanted me to play wow with him. I was calling him for like an hour before i randomly selected a character and server out of like 20 servers and 6 or so spawn locations/ choosing horde over alliance etc. I still never heard from him but the second i logged on he was standing next to me saying is that you? But funny enough he was talking to the person standing next to me lol

  9. If you watch the video he mentioned how he'll be reusing the butter in a bunch of different ways after saving it.

  10. It would be great if picking parts was more streamlined and accessible. There are way too many variations of different parts for new builders and so many people end up with a super expensive cou/GPU while getting the cheapest of everything else. If people understood why different parts need a bigger investment in simpler terms more people would build but also this subreddit would be a lot smaller haha

  11. I am not sure why you were downvoted I think it was fixed yesterday

  12. Use poison arrows from outside the door and he'll eventually deaggro.

  13. Same for me I have kill Agheel and 3 other dragons and its not there. I only have the choice of 3 items

  14. Just add more RAM to your old one lol The new one would be better with a better GPU and an m.2 SSD but in no way an upgrade

  15. Don't spend magic medals on either. Spend them on Glad

  16. No, not early game. SG makes you viable way quicker and he helps for over a year unless you spend thousands.

  17. With the 1000 flooz 110 medal packs you can get a maxed glad very quickly now without spending a dime.

  18. Most of the wheat recipes I've found used half bread flour as well, or your yeast might have been bad or something

  19. Definitely do not buy this SSD. You want an name m.2 ssd. Sata ssd is basically overpriced hdd. Not that you need water cooling but it would look a lot nicer than that huge clunky air cooler and as others have mentioned a different case would be nice

  20. Ah I see you have an nvme as well, just get a bigger one

  21. https://ca.pcpartpicker.com/list/883Qzf

  22. That is a very solid effort honestly. I would honestly recommend saving for a few more months though if you can. This thing will run very slow on a 5400rpm hdd. If you can even save enough to double your budget you will be much happier in the long term and avoid having to replace the entire pc when you upgrade.

  23. Thats about 390 USD I am struggling to imagine that working lol Good luck

  24. It's a bug when physics go haywire like this. Most of the time in the 14 hours I played this everything is perfect, but 2 times after starting the game all the movement was janky and kills resulted in stuff like in this movie.

  25. I have reset my room set up and position like 5 times this is just not true. VR is a mess. It needs a ton of improvement and I hope modders take over.

  26. You say monitor isn't priority but it should be. That's part of the PC experience

  27. https://www.alphr.com/features/378919/how-to-fit-the-internal-cables/

  28. If you're gonna play HITMAN (2016) it's better to play it inside HITMAN 3 (can use H3 free starter pack) with all the improvements (you can either buy the game and import locations to H3 or get Access Pass directly for H3). You also get the upgrade to GOTY content for free for H1 locations in H3 including bonus episodes that are missing in HITMAN (2016). GOTY content includes Patient Zero campaign and some suits. In H3 you also get bonus episodes that in H1 require DLC code that was added to some physical disc editions and it's no longer possible to buy it digitally (at least on PS).

  29. Ah no nevermind they're legit they just have nothing in stock. You are pre ordering behind thousands of people with hope they get stock eventually

  30. NTA my mom buy better gifts for my wife than the rest of us lol

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