1. I generally fall asleep listening to To Catch A Predator commentary. No ads due to the nature of the content and just hearing people talk puts me right out. Once I dreamt I was at work, and every customer I talked to was just quoting To Catch A Predator. I was so confused and towards the end of it I was running from customer to customer begging someone to snap out of it and have a regular conversation with me. Shit was weird.

  2. Oh is it 🤷🏾‍♀️. Not comprehending my original post only to say I shouldn’t give advice (WHICH I DIDN’T) then to answer my question when you could’ve just did that in the first place 🤷🏾‍♀️ Also if my attitude is so stink to you why did you even comment 👀?

  3. I commented to tell you that you are not going to be hand fed valuable information when you get snippy and rude with the people you’re seeking to gain from. Both previous commenters and myself gathered from the way YOU WROTE your post that you had never danced before. The first commenter pointed that out, not even being rude but just stating an observation, and stillll helped you out and you snapped at her. You could’ve asked politely to clarify, as she had only been polite to you as well, but you were quick to get bitchy. Point is, being needlessly aggressive isn’t going to get you shit, especially in a community like this lmao

  4. Kinda funny how I’m the “needlessly aggressive” one and the only insult I said was “their reading comprehension was lacking” But you came to my post calling me Nasty , bitchy , and aggressive abd what’s funnier is I said absolutely nothing to you ….

  5. Stripper here. This is precisely why I’m a stripper and not a server, cause men are gonna try and paw me anyway so I might as well get paid for it. I’m sorry you had this happen to you. You did the right thing, establish boundaries and leave if they aren’t being respected. My sisters place of work (she is also a server) will ban customers for being inappropriate with staff. I wish more restaurants were like this.

  6. Exactly your first statement. Any non-zero mana value gets you the first one.

  7. This one’s sad so heads up. I was 8 and my friend, also 8, was channel surfing when she stopped on a TV show she said she really liked. It was straight up porn. She said she watched it a lot. She also did things like draw people having sex in Nintendo DS Pictochat. Later in life I found out she was being molested by an older neighbor boy, and everything clicked.

  8. That’s why I don’t even bother to check the app and come straight here to ask about specific clubs. This community is soooo much more helpful than any app has been anyway tbh.

  9. Just say “sorry, are you the manager?” If it was really that big a deal I’m sure somebody with actual authority would’ve told you.

  10. I swear those TX military men spend heavy, I’ve danced near NC military bases & those men were soooooo broke!

  11. Sativa is my faaaavorite. Weed sometimes gets me way too high tho so I use delta at work! It doesn’t hit me nearly as hard but still gets me feeling really good and it doesn’t make me paranoid like weed and wax sometimes do. And I just recently bought a 5.5 gram pen for $50 that’s lasted me two weeks so far whereas I was spending $70 a week on just bud. A proper weed strain that comes to mind though is Chem Dawg. Gave me energy and didn’t make me get all in my head and I was SMACKED off that shit. Sometimes though like someone else has mentioned, it just might be a good idea to lay off the THC at work lol

  12. I mean this in the nicest way possible but, please get some stripper heels girl. In my humble opinion those boots are throwing your whole look off and they don’t look like they fit too well either. Pleasers will elongate your already long legs and make you look soooo sexy (this isn’t to say you aren’t already attractive, but these boots personally are not it.) I’m sure you can find some cowboy boot-esque heels. Aside from all this, you’re CRUSHING it on pole. I’ve been a stripper for a year and my ass can do like two beginner tricks lmfao. You look great!

  13. Once I got a champagne hour with a gentleman in his mid-late thirties and he poured his heart out about how he was on his way to a neighboring state to visit his grandfather before he passed as he was in hospice and he just needed a distraction. My dad had passed away about two years prior so I was able to relate with him pretty well. It was kind of an odd dynamic, as I was about 15 years younger than him and he was looking to me for advice about parents and grandparents passing as he hadn’t experienced it yet and I had, but we still had a wonderful, raw, sad, genuine conversation. At the end of it he grabbed my hands and looked me in the eyes and just said “thank you, I really needed this,” before handing me a pretty tip and leaving. I still think about that dance a lot, that genuine human connection (as sad as it was given the context) was SO beyond refreshing in the club and made me appreciate what I do so much more than I already did. Dancing opens up so many opportunities to connect, show love, and care for other people, it’s truly incredible. I’m glad you were able to make a positive impact on someone, and I’m sure he appreciates you as well.

  14. Whenever I have a rough stage set I like to think of the times that I gave the club NOTHING on stage and made bank. It’s not you, babe. Just need the right customers

  15. I like to play mobile games. Egg Inc. is a really cute and fun one if you like grind/prestige style games. Just get a chicken farm with standard ole eggs and you use upgrades to unlock special eggs and grind to the top.

  16. Also I’m so sorry you had such a weird night. Hopefully things go back to normal next time 🖤

  17. I got the tea set my very first Feast. I didn’t even realize how well sought out it was. I just thought, “oh, how cute!”

  18. What states are better to work in in the summer for strippers?

  19. How far are you able to travel? Do you prefer gentleman’s or urban clubs? Perhaps after hours clubs? What do you look like (thin or thick, tattooed or not, plain or alt etc)?

  20. i honestly can’t remember the exact move i was doing but i hit the pole against the back of my skull really hard. everyone saw. they threw me pity money and got pity dances with me after though so it was okay in the end. i was really afraid to go to sleep that night though.

  21. Fun fact - sleeping while potentially concussed isn’t dangerous due to the sleep doing more harm than you being awake. It’s only dangerous because you can’t see the signs of a concussion in someone if they’re asleep. So, as long as you get yourself checked out and cleared of a concussion, or properly treated for a concussion if you do have one, it’s totally fine to go to sleep :)

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