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  1. As long as you enjoy it, the words of others shouldn’t matter to you

  2. Wow, I can’t believe I’m the one who has to break this to you. But you know people? Like humans? They can do something crazy called, “having multiple accounts”

  3. Nah I’m just gonna tell you to go fuck yourself because it’s clearly pointless arguing with some braindead idiot who cannot accept the reality of this sub. I’m surprised that you claim to be here for five year, yet somehow don’t realize what many people are saying here.

  4. At least we finished 9 above Juve, so that makes me happy

  5. It’s not. But I’m surprised that after 30 years of running, Family still hasn’t tried a Sonic joke

  6. Ok guys let’s do a Simpsons and come up with some quotes in the future dub that will go viral and be endlessly quoted on this Sub.

  7. I mean they have been together for about 30 years now

  8. Yet for some reason they let Sonic kill that pig dude when he turned Fleetway for the first time

  9. While 06 got relisted on Xbox, I just realized that Sony removed nearly all Sonic games from PSNOW

  10. Maddie is the most supportive person in the whole franchise. You want to move to San Francisco to be an action movie cop? She's there for you. You get labeled a domestic terrorist? She's got your back. A blue hedgehog pushes her off a building? She adopts him no questions asked. A red echidna and yellow fox destroys her house? She adopts them too!

  11. Technically only Knuckles and Eggman destroyed the house. But considering Sonic was able to clean up the entire mess he made in less than a second, I’m sure Maddie won’t be bothered

  12. So that means drugs are canon in the Sonic Universe

  13. I loved the game. Unfortunately I decided to stick the disk into a RedBox because I was told that Adam Sandler would pop out of it

  14. There was this guy who made a Sonic fan game (not the recent one) on Roblox. The guy turned out to be a massive pedophile, so Sega, who is usually very accepting of fan games, ordered Roblox to remove the game.

  15. Tell me you haven’t played a Sonic game before sonic colors without telling me

  16. I see that you didn’t notice the “even today” that was written on the comment above me

  17. As a wise man once said the art of being an adult is being a kid that acts like they know what they are doing

  18. Where I live I was able to order alcohol at 15 and nobody asked for any ID

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